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Things Have Changed (FimFiction) · 3:19am Jun 24th, 2017

I'm coming back to this site from a VERY long hiatus and, frankly, it feels like this:

New authors, new layout, new... everything, really. Which is fine and dandy but I've noticed something....

I'm covering rest of the section as it contains matureish talk so you can read if you want but, whatever.


Which is fine because I write clopfics (more on the romantic side than just "hey let's do it all steamy like" but I digress), the problem I have is that they are, well, badly writen.

Sure, there's good one's out there and I've seen a couple but what's with all the spam posting of, just, garbage into the ever expanding dumpster that is becoming FimFiction? I love writing and I admit I'm not the best but... come on.

Ask for advice, get proof readers and editors for celestia's sake. I'm not going to talk about OC stories because those can be good or bad depending and there's A LOT that depends on whether it is good or bad. So, nope, not touching that.

Expanding on characters is great, especially those (such as background ponies) that haven't had too much character development and you can sometimes merge your ideals of how they should act based on their location and talents to fit the ideals in your story. However, taking a character that is fully developed and making them do something that they would never do, ever, makes it very unbelievable. For example, Photo Finish is a high life type of pony, settles only for the best, so you better believe she is only going to screw the ponies she deems the best. Unless, she's having a mid-life crisis or she gets fired or it's before her prime. Seeing a story where a female pony f*cked her way to the top, real original...(sarcasm) but put in a good twist and I'd read it.

I totally understand ships and putting ponies nobody has shipped together (I'm writing a romance story about two ponies that haven't even met in the series and never will, most likely) into stories and creating something unique and I like that, I really do. For example, taking ponies that have similar qualities as the mane six and shipping them or even finding flaws in those ponies and bringing out the best in them (yes, that still can be a clopfic). Taking a pony that is shy and cute them finding themselves by being comfortable with the pony they are with and being able to sexually express themselves freely,
gosh I live for deep romance fics!~

Literally my ideal romance themes:

I don't know, maybe I'm picky. I love stories with depth to them. I don't mind a quicky or whatever but when it's plagued with grammatical errors and inconstancy I am just so turned off by it.

Oops, I have probably vented a little too much.

Ciao for now, darlings~

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How long was your hiatus?

Close to 2 years

Yeah a lot has changed in two years. A lot of authors have left, a lot of new ones have arrived and some authors, myself included, have diversified the types of stories they write.

I haven't run into anybody I used to write with that's still around. A lot of people moved on. :raritydespair:

I just wanted to come back and publish stories I never finished that I abandoned in google and try and determine which old stories to finish or at least attempt to finish while writing some new stuff.

I'm not sure what happened, though. I'm used to a lot of stories but I've never seen so many trolls, I suppose? It seems like people down vote everything before they read it and even when they down vote they don't comment or DM their grievances about the story. :trixieshiftleft:

I agree sooo much, about everything you mentioned. I've noticed it myself that theres a lot of NSFW stories popping up lately and most of them are well....bad, like really bad, but i at least give them a read and give feedback to the authors to improve. Sadly thats pretty much my limit to what i can do since im just an average joe and dont really have much influence when it comes to "quality control" i guess (shrugs)
But to end this on a positive note, ive noticed the quality of the writers improve that im following and giving feedback everytime they make something new. So its not a hopeless battle in the end.

True. True.

I think the mods should be WAYYY stricter on quality control. Definitely start limiting the amount of junk that's approved. I don't care if it takes a few days for my story to get approved if it means less clutter on the site. :duck:


I'm not sure what happened, though. I'm used to a lot of stories but I've never seen so many trolls, I suppose? It seems like people down vote everything before they read it and even when they down vote they don't comment or DM their grievances about the story. :trixieshiftleft:

Unfortunately the troll population has exploded in the past year or so. In a perfect world people who downvote would leave a reason but sadly that isn't how it works. If I see a story I'm not interested in, I just pass by it. Now yeah, there are some with horrid grammar and no punctuation that I quit on after one chapter and downvote and let them know why but I don't downvote for no reason.

I haven't run into anybody I used to write with that's still around. A lot of people moved on.

Were you close with any of the people you used to write with. Most of my earliest followers have moved on and the thing is, they were the ones I was closest with....especially those who enjoyed my first "Terror in Equestria" story.

They really need to jump on the ban wagon. Like other sites and stop worrying about 🤑

And yeah I was super close to a lot of early followers. I would help edit or collab on stories. I'm still friends with one of the authors but I knew a lot of big names like abronyforlife42, lynked,
toixstory, regidar and rainbowbob before they left.

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