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My name is Andrew, but some of my friends call me "Cloppy". I am 26 years old and huge fan of MLP:FIM. I write amateur clopfics, and co-found Anthropmorphics. My parents are so proud of me. ^.^

My Coffee Module

I have a sudden urge to have sex with Coffee...

This is how I feel without coffee

So much of this!

It's alright, Pinkie. I know the feeling.

Things About This Xenophilliac

Celestial 25-17
The path of the righteous brony is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil haters. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the Everfree Forest, for he is truly his bronys keeper and the finder of lost foals. And, I will´╗┐ strike down upon thee with great love and limitless tolerance, those who attempt to poison and destroy my bronies! And, you will know my name is Celestia when I lay my friendship upon thee!
My name is Andrew, but some of my friends call me "Cloppy". XD
I'm 21 years old and I write amateur clopfics.
Oh look, a clopfic writer on FIMFiction. Big surprise! But hey, maybe one day I'll write something worth reading. You know, an intricate story with a complex story-line and character development. Where the characters actually go on a wide adventure, and learn from their experiences. It'll be funny, sad, deep, and philosophical. Be everything a story should be...
Yeah... I don't think so. It sounds like a lot of work for a story I'm not willing to put the effort into writing. :3
Enjoy what I have though. :D
Favorite Ponies
Alicorn: Princess Luna
Mane6: Twilight
BG Pony: Lyra
Pegasus: Derpy
Earth Pony: Octavia
Unicorn: Vinyl Scratch
CMC: Scootaloo
My waifu: Spitfire :3
Random pic of me. Jealous of my hoodie? You should be. XD

This picture is my bad ass OC, Facebook Link: Soulless Reaper. He has a whole back ground story on the page bio. Commissioned Picture done by RichFox:

Read that shit, bro

Some Interesting Pony Videos. Enjoy

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So question, I just joined the Anthro group and your favorite song is no longer available on YouTube. What is it?

Not sure if anyone noticed this, but the guy came back on a few days ago!

I *hope* nothing happened to him.

I haven't heard anything from him since last xmas, and I know he hasn't been active on Fim for awhile. Though it's been 11 months now since I got his last message on skype x.x

ABronyLife42... or at least until until November 2015 :fluttercry:
R. I. P.

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