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I'm going to give this writing thing another chance. Who knows... Maybe it'll be good... maybe. I don't mind the sun sometimes.

My Coffee Module

I have a sudden urge to have sex with Coffee...

This is how I feel without coffee

So much of this!

It's alright, Pinkie. I know the feeling.

This is my page.

Welcome, no need to stay long... What do you want? :ajsmug:

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Heya... if you're ever on, hmu maybe? Maybe we can work together again on something. Or if you just wanna talk.:pinkiesmile:

So question, I just joined the Anthro group and your favorite song is no longer available on YouTube. What is it?

Not sure if anyone noticed this, but the guy came back on a few days ago!

I *hope* nothing happened to him.

I haven't heard anything from him since last xmas, and I know he hasn't been active on Fim for awhile. Though it's been 11 months now since I got his last message on skype x.x

  • Viewing 636 - 640 of 640
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