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  • 6 weeks
    Rewrites to Üā Sūt Cktüis (How to be Dragon)

    Rambling alert!

    I'm going back and rewriting sections of Üā Sūt Cktüis (How to be Dragon). I have unpublished all chapters but the prologue. What i am doing is both major and minor. The plot will be remain the basically the same but some characterization is expanded upon, tweaked, or rewritten and I have added some world building where it was... frankly missing (see prologue)

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  • 132 weeks
    A Bridge Between Brothers Cancelled.

    This was a long time coming... I had been debating canceling for two or three months now. There was just too much going against continuing it for me to feel like I could do anything other then cancel:

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  • 138 weeks
    That is how its done.

    I won't spoil the movie but Ralph 2 is the only time I have ever seen 'friendship will save the day' done correctly. Every one time I've seen it MLP:FiM included it was a STUPID #*&$ pull out of nowhere deus ex machina. (Don't get me wrong I think Season 4 finale is awesome but its still solved by an #*&$ pull out of nowhere deus ex machina)

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  • 169 weeks
    Tell them stories that don't go anywhere...

    Estee is secretly Abe Simpson:

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  • 188 weeks
    Feel free to criticize.

    Today I must remind myself comments are for commenting. Good and bad. Long or short. Those that criticize and those that point out something ironic/amusing/WTF?!?. I have never shied away from any as long as they weren't hate filled, overly spammy, or so confusing that I had no idea what they were trying to say... It is the nature of putting whatever you create(Like a fan fiction) out there for

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The role of a single chapter in negative voting · 7:16am Jun 12th, 2017

Now I keep a close eye on my story ratings especially whenever I release a chapter (I mean who doesn't?) Now before I get any complaints on another blog post ranting and whining about negative views I would like to point out I will not be ranting/whining about it this time... I'm just curious... is there is a relationship between a release of what might be unliked/mixed chapter that is necessary for characterization and a sharp uptick of nopes?

Anypony notice this when writing your stories?

I personally prefer to get critiqued when I'm downvoted... not that anypony ever does that... heck I don't do it too often... though I tend to either not vote or upvote. You have to either royally tick me off(very rare) or have have such bad grammar that the story will be highly voted down anyway... and I avoid those types of stories to begin with... It's usually really recent stories that I end up downvoting along with a dozen others who happen to be reading at the same time as me... there's no need for me to 'join the crowd' and downvote a story just bc 80 bazillion already have... the writer already gets it.

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