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Under rewrites (chapters will be republished once I get then fixed see blog post)

"I can't believe I overlooked something as simple as feathers. It's no wonder you were having trouble. I wish I had more 'dragonish' knowledge to give you..."

Those words will have far reaching consequences when Twilight took those words to heart and contacted the one dragon that she thought could help: Dragon Lord Ember. Whom she sends will shake the very foundations of history and magic.

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Spike is a dragon. Or more of a dragon shaped pony. At least that is how he always felt of himself until two events in his life changed that: His Greed Growth and the teenage dragons from the migration. These events spiraled him into a deep depression and fear. Fear that his nature would one day overpower his upbringing and destroy everything he cares for...

But maybe, perhaps... what he thinks of dragons and what they really are different. If only his last remaining relative can get him to see the truth.

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This story is a sequel to Dragons of Hourglass

Book 3 of the Keeper Trilogy:
At the Twilight of Harmony

A creature of unimaginable evil and power has escaped its prison, the drums of war have sounded, and only death and destruction are guaranteed as the forces of harmony magic fight against the rising tide of dark magic.

With the overwhelming odds against them the forces of Equestria, Hourglass, and the Griffin Allied Eyries are still confident in winning. But will the victory be Pyrrhic?

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Applejack is 135 years old and is dying.

For Twilight it is especially hard as she is the last of her friends as the rest have already gone on to the Pasturelands. She's now feeling the full affects of being immortal: the continual loss of friends and love ones. To her immortality seems like a curse.

But a pony from their share past comes to visit and tests her resolve on whether immortality really is a curse.

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This story is a sequel to The Last Keeper of Harmony

Book 2 of the Keeper Trilogy:
Dragons of Hourglass

I look as darkness looms ominously over the world as the threat of total annihilation from the 'Nameless One' draws closer. If we are to have a chance win the coming war much needs to be done. Sadly, only Golden Heart, the newest Keeper of Harmony, Discord and myself are all that really stands against the rising tide...

To go with the threat of war the dragons must be brought back to a harmonious state, but that will be difficult to accomplish as outside of the dragon migration dragons are fractured and solitary... plus overly prideful and stubborn...

Though I'm deathly ill from a strange illness, I will help guide Golden Heart as he attempts to overcome the seemingly insurmountable problems that plague the dragon race. For all our sakes I hope he succeeds for if not I fear we may not have the strength to win...

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Dear Spike,

I'm writing you this letter to tell you the story of your parents. I know that I promised to tell you, tell you but this, I guess, will have to do.

It's not a happy story but you need to know what happened to them.

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Book 1 of the Keeper Trilogy

You know when I started to have an existential crisis with questions like 'Why am I still a baby dragon?' or 'Why am I the only 'nice' dragon?' or even better 'What is my destiny?' I was not excepting nor did I want the answers given to me ala discordian riddling nonsense...

But NOoooooo... I have to deal with a mysterious voice that keeps visiting in my dreams, mocking me with his cryptic non-answering answers and insistence on calling me brother.

And when he does finally decide to meet me in person a darkness falls over Equestria. Once that makes the typical 'It's Tuesday morning in Ponyville' in which an over the top villain with an over the top maniacal laughter invades deciding that now is the time that he/she should take over the world blah blah blah seem like nothing. Maybe I should have kept my big. fat. mouth shut...

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