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New (Old) Reading Material · 12:42am May 17th, 2017

Recently the fanfic gods have been smiling down, for I've been able to snag printed copies of Chengar Qordath's "Life and Times of a Winning Pony" and KKat's monstrous fandom classic "Fallout: Equestria."

They are gorgeous. Seriously, look for yourselves:

Now, these pictures from my phone don't do them justice. Especially FO:E, with its leather cover, gilded pages, and embossed art on the cover and its distinctive chapter art. If I have one complaint, its that the pages of FO:E are tissue-thin. On the other hand, though, the book would be 3 times its thickness if it weren't like that.

Revisiting these classics has rekindled my love for them and I've barely been able to keep the covers closed. Its a reminder of what dragged me into this fandom and what has kept me here.

They're going on my shelf and to hell with any weird looks I might get.

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