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Everfree Northwest · 5:31am May 11th, 2017

I am going to be at Everfree Northwest again this year! I'm going to be driving up to Seattle tomorrow, and plan to be there through Sunday evening.

I am going to be on the following panels on Friday:

11 am - Setting the Setting - Cascade Room

Learn how to immerse your characters in a rich, detailed world. Bring themes to life with subtle writing tricks, and find ways to use your setting to set your world apart!

1:15 pm - Critizing Meets Critiquing - Cascade Room

No great literary work reaches its full potential without help from an editor! Learn tricks of the trade that’ll help you comb through another’s work and catch mistakes, and learn where authors and editors connect to find help with your own project.

2:15 pm - Characterizing Characters - Cascade Room

Ever wondered how to get into your character's heads? Worried about making sure your internal characterizations matches their actions? Join Somber and the writing staff as we discuss how to make the most of the wonderful characters we know and love.

But I will be around the con all weekend. There are Artist Writer hangouts on both Friday and Saturday night, and if this year is anything like last year, I'll likely be there for those as well.

Feel free to come up and say hello to me! I'm always happy to meet new people or see familiar faces from last year! If you want to make sure you can get in contact with me, send me a PM and I can send you some contact information.

I hope to see you there!

I need to make sure I finish catching up on episodes tonight...

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Do you want to ride for me? Because I'm driving up to Seattle tomorrow too. Heading out from Davis in the morning

Wish I could go. I usually make a point of attending the fanfics panels when I go to BronyCAN every year, and your Criticizing meets Critiquing panel sounds very interesting. Have you ever considered going to BronyCAN? It's in August, in Vancouver.

Oh no, you're coming to my city? I guess I need to get out of town then ...

Kidding aside, that's awesome man! I hope you have a good time! I won't be at Everfree despite living a hop, skip, and a ten minute drive away. Been going to too many other cons recently, haha! Maybe I'll see you next year.

Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going to be driving myself. I actually sort of enjoy driving. It has a nostalgic appeal for me from the times when I used to drive across the country.

Plus I have no idea when I'm going to be ready and I'm not sure how well our schedules would sync up on the opposite end of "going home".

4528389 no worries. You used to drive across the country?


You live that close?

Yes sir. If you look at the area around Everfree Northwest on a map, I'm a few mile ride along northbound I-405 into Renton, WA.


You woulnd't happen to know about the Seattle Bronies Meetup group, would you?

I can't make it, but if somebody could PLEASE video one or any or all of those panels that would be awesome. I like watching con panels while doing other stuff on the computer and I wanna hear what Titanium Dragon has to say.

I do not, sorry. Afraid I can't help you with that. There are people I met here on fimfic that I've become friends in real life with since they live near me, such as AutumnsChild and Scootareader, but that's the extent of my experience.


Well, actually I was wondering because I'm a member of that group, and was wondering if you were as well.

I am actually sneaking in attending this year! Helps that I'm now living on the west coast instead of the east :rainbowlaugh:

For college, yeah! Two times a year.

Awesome! Feel free to say hello. The writers are a friendly bunch. I've been hanging out with folks all evening.

I'll ask tomorrow if they record the panels.

4529408 I would have come, but had to get things plugged in so that I could bring my tablet for impromptu writings

I'm just going to leave my phone number on all these EFNW posts: 714-496-3119 hit me up if you want to hang out or know where I am so you can avoid me.

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