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This Is So Accurate · 1:12am Apr 28th, 2017

This video made me laugh so hard.

Welcome to Fim Fiction. You can check in but you can never leave.

Also here is a bonus funny video about how people felt when Knighty banned role playing.

An interesting video on why stories written in script format should be allowed.

Just make sure that you aren't banned or this will end up on your profile.

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Is there someplace where bans are listed, or is that video just posted when someone who know about the video sees that someone's been banned?

:rainbowlaugh: So accurately put!

4512130 Basically it is a Fim Fiction tradition to post that YouTube video on the profile of anyone who has been banned. There isn't a formal list or anything. People just stumble upon profiles of people who have been banned. And when they find them, they post the video in their profile comment section.

4512136 I know right? All of these videos were amusing in their own way. :rainbowkiss:

...ur not banned, r u?

Also, requesting a ban does not necessarily guarantee getting that posted on one's profile. It's usually a gesture of salting a wound. :ajsmug:

4512166 Yep. This is very true.

4512177 It really captured everything about this site, didn't it? :rainbowlaugh:

4512187 I thought so too.

Roleplay was a thing on this site?

4512191 Roleplaying used to be allowed on the site when it first started. But then the servers started lagging because people kept posting all of these porn rps so Knighty ended up banning it from the site.

Well the first video was right. Fun too.

The script video I feel like it used too many scarecrows. There must be a real reason why scripts are banned. I kinda thought it was to prevent new users to spam stories with just dialog and nothing else.

4512407 I thought that they brought up a good point. People do in fact like reading movie, theater, and television scripts. So they should be allowed on FIM Fiction and Fan Fiction.Net.

The thing that would prevent story spam would be to simply say not to post stories in a chat room format. A chat room format has straight dialog. A script format has stage notes, actor notes, and other details that make it a complete work of writing.

4512428 Well it isn't like I know what FiMFic staff thinks. I do believe that they have a better reason than just "it is boring" because we are on internet and EVERYTHING has a potential fan. Perhaps Scripts simply don't fall under their definition of proper story without proper prose or something. I probably wouldn't mind if scripts were allowed because I enjoy dialog more than prose which honestly I just skim through.

I just don't think comparing scripts with crossovers, gore and clop was a fair thing to do. Felt like comparing apples and oranges.

4512477 The author of the video wasn't saying that those things shouldn't be on the site. He said that he personally didn't care that they were there. He was just saying that if other genres and styles are allowed (including poetry and so on) then it just makes sense to include scripts as well.

The only reason I can think of to why both Fan Fiction.Net and FIM Fiction don't want to allow chat based stories or scripts is because they are trying to keep people on track with writing fully formatted stories. I personally think it is a bit strange but it's their sites so we have to follow their rules.

4512478 And I did not say at all author claimed " those things shouldn't be on the site", but he is using the fact that they are controversial things that are allowed to push his point. He is basically saying if those genres are allowed than surely script style should be also. Those types of stories being allowed are not related to the issue that bans scripts (maybe, we don't know "why" at all). He was just using the fact that those things are allowed to validate his point. His Shakespeare point was much better.

Also are poems allowed really? I mean can poems even reach 1000 word limit? At that point I think you are leaving poem realm and reaching epics and sagas.

4512490 Yes, poems are allowed just as long as they meet the word count requirement. I have a poetry collection in my own story list.

4512517 Now that is very interesting.

The first video is so true.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go back to edit one of my stories while thinking on the next chapter of other two stories I'm writing and having a new One shot idea on my head.

4512706 Have fun with that, my friend. :)

Oh lord! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

BTW do you have a link to the first video. I know someone who would want to see it.

4512882 I am glad that you liked it.

And here is the link to the video so you can share it with your friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmtQ6dUSR_I

4514998 You are very welcome, my friend. :)

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