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Another year passed. · 2:29am Apr 23rd, 2017

So if you're wondering where I've been, here's the short version.

Living outside of a home of your own kinda sucks, and my new job is incredibly time and energy demanding.

The long version takes a bit more.

So after 4 years+ of college a lot of crap happened in my life sort of all at once, amongst which was my inability to find a job in my chosen field. This was complicated by me losing my part-time job of those four years due to circumstances mostly my fault, though in part driven by outside factors. Combine this with fast dwindling funds and other debts that required immediate redressing, I was placed in an untenable situation.

In may of last year, I was able to secure a job in another city where an associate of mine was willing to let me stay at their house for some time until I could get back on my feet. Though the job was something I had not done before, It promised me opportunities to build my resume and to get my debts and my finances somewhat back in check. (This is also why I never got around to posting the previously promised story. I never had the time to polish it up to my standards or to make sure it had been edited correctly.)

Unfortunately, a lot of other stuff happened along the way. The job proved to be far more demanding of my time and energy than I had originally anticipated due to a much different work schedule than I'd thought I was getting, and living out of someone else's home where you're a guest all the time also proved to be immensely stressful and detrimental to my usual creative processes. I tried multiple times (without success) to pick up my keyboard and start writing again, but could never summon the energy mental or otherwise to really dig deep into anything.

A year has now passed and I am finally moving into my own apartment again, with my finances somewhat back to an even keel (though not where I'd want them to be, granted.) And while I am further in debt than ever (much to my anger and chagrin) I am finally, hopefully, going to start figuring out how to deal with them. THough my job remains exhausting I am slowly getting some of my former creative energy back.

Am I going to write again? I want to. The seasons of the past two years have provided me with all sorts of rich subject matter to delve into, and I've had no few other story ideas drifting around my head. But will I? At this point I can't say for certain, and I don't want to make promises I cannot keep.

Fanfiction did a great deal for me in my college years, introduced me to wonderful people and provided me with some good friends. I would like to come back to it and hopefully make more friends, as I could sorely use them right now in my life.

But regardless of anything else, I'd like to thank everyone who supported me when I was regularly writing. Going back to the old comments often fills me with inspiration to try and get back to it, so to speak, and reassurance that I can write well and maybe some day get out of the food retail hell I'm currently living in.

I hope to have further announcements in the months to come.
And I remain, as ever, humbly yours.

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Shit, I know how that can be...

Nice to see you still around, though.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That rough buddy.

I'd be really happy to see you back and writing, but only when you're ready. See you soon, hopefully.

Well it's nice hearing from you. Hope you'll be able to find a spot where you're secure enough to spend leisure time writing more, but no rush. Good luck! :pinkiehappy:

It is nice to hear from you! :twilightsmile:

Nice to hear from you again. Good luck with the changes in your life and hope we can have some of your stories again

Here's hoping that you'll be back, thanks for everything you have made so far:pinkiehappy:

Life happens. I hope things work out for you.

And I will say that I have greatly enjoyed your stories.

I know that feel, not being able to do what you really want because of being so busy and stressed. I hope you are on the right track to get back on your feet.

Glad things seem to be looking up for you.

If there's one thing Fimfiction has taught me, it's to be patient. If we've waited this long, what difference will another year or more make? I'm just glad that things are looking up for you, and know that you should take as long as you need.

That's life for you friendo, never busy when you want and always busy when you dont. Glad to hear your back on your feet, being down and out can really take the wind out of your sails. Keep at it and we'll be here when your ready. I've been where you are before and all I can say is the light at the end of the tunnel only dims when you start to give up.

*gives you your energy back with a hug*

Only just discovered you today so if nothing else when it comes to motivation know that your fan base, even with no regular updates, is still growing and expanding.

i hope you come back soon, if only to say hi once and awhile so we know your still alive

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