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newbie in the Fandom... Brony on the Edge, Doing my Journey Through the Decades.

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  • 51 weeks
    Good News and Bad News

    Well... Sweet Arceus, this is HARD to write, but here I go...

    First of all the good news: I've started the rewrite of "Diamond of Darkness", w2hich, for the time being only will be available In AO3.

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  • 121 weeks
    Pitching in my own 2 cents

    A Suicide Note got pushed on my feed, and they all asked to add our own blog posts and share on our groups.

    As someone who is diagnosed with depression I would like to avoid the suicide, so here's my blog, which will be shared on my groups.

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  • 133 weeks
    A Mad NES for them Methods

    Ladies, gentlemen... FanOfMostEverything...My name is Alfonso

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  • 137 weeks
    Let's talk about... the green text...

    Hey there, Alfonso Ropdríguez here, as time has progressed, I've noticed my interactions on this site have been... weird... so I We wanted to clear up the madness...

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  • 194 weeks
    Just a heads-up...

    Quick blog post to let my followers know I fixed chapter 3 of diamond of darkness...

    Checked up the spelling, positioning and more, and I am working on chapter 4 as we speak...

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New Story Up! · 6:26am Mar 22nd, 2017

Well, after finishing reading the Tatsurou Masterpiece "Order and Chaos" I was inspired to write a story of my own, of what happened "behind the scenes" after Discord Shattered his timeline creating the PWNYverse, but the muse was lazzie so I couldn't really focus on it, and after SvenBjorn liked the idea I offered him for "Hero Soul Awakening" I decided to post that one bit of help on my own, and after securing permission I did...

so, without Further padding I offer to you Future Diary of the Alicorn of Ponyvile

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