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February Fic-A-Day Post-Mortem · 3:04am Mar 1st, 2017

So at the end of January, I challenged myself to attempt to write and publish a pony fic a day in February. So how did I do?

Well, I managed to write and publish 15 fanfictions in February, and I have about another 8000 words of oneshots that I haven't been able to push myself to completing and another 6000 on longer-length stories. I was hopeful in my original blog post to end up with about 14 for the month, so hitting 15 isn't too shabby. 8 out of 15 stories were featured, though two of them really only sort of floated onto the Feature Box by virtue of getting like 15 upvotes and being over 8k words each. 3 stories got over 200 upvotes, one more got over 100, and one story sits at 99 upvotes right now.

More intriguingly, I managed to publish stories 9 days in a row and then 6 stories in the next 13 days and then nothing in the last six. A lot of that is the fault of The Fall of Twilight Sparkle, which just didn't really come together very well and burned me out hard. The same occurred with Birds of a Feather Shy Together and one unpublished story sitting at about 3500 words.

Playing a lot of Age of Empires 2 didn't help, but the new campaigns are so awful that they've burned me out on that for the time.

What did I learn? Keeping several stories going can be extremely helpful as it lets me bounce around so if I'm not feeling one story I can get a little bit of work done on another story. Even when not feeling it, I still got 500 words done a day to at least push a story a little closer to completion. But also having an initial need for productivity and to publish is helpful. Up until I missed the first day, forcing myself to write and publish meant I actually got work done.

Anyways, some then-and-now stats comparisons:

29 > 44 stories (+15)
224 > 307 followers (+83)
58,387 > 75,969 story views (+17,582 views)

So hello and welcome to all my new followers!

Though I didn't mention it in my original blogpost, I had 48 ideas at the time in my ideas list document. Of those 48 ideas, I used 12 of them to trim it down to 36. One more idea was from a FTP contest, and two more I came up with over the course of the month. Unfortunately, I also added 10 more ideas to the list throughout the month so I'm down for 48 all the way down to 46. I blame the FIMFiction Discord chat.

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Comments ( 4 )

That was pretty good, congrats on making it as far as you did.

That's pretty respectable. Good on you for getting so much done. :eeyup:
Big Mac, because you're productive.

So hello and welcome to all my new followers!

hey dude


Congratulations! I may not keep up with all your new stories here, but I certainly seen the tally.. Wish you well!

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