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State of the Author - January 2020 · 12:52am Feb 5th, 2020

This month, I finally broke loose again and was able to publish two updates, one for Legacy of the Greatest and one for Phantasmare.

Despite the updates, there wasn't actually that much writing done. A lot of it is because I had a substantial amount of words completed to both updates already. Legacy of the Greatest had about ~2500 words completed all the way from December 2016/January 2017, and I just had to overcome the inertia to get the other 50% written. Phantasmare was even worse in that aspect. I had basically ~6500 words done in late August and early September, so only 3000 words were newly-written content.

So far in February (though this isn't counted in the stats below, since it's February, not January), I've already written about ~2200 words towards the next LotG chapter and ~1400 to the next Phantasmare update. Let's hope I don't get those chapters mostly done and then just wait six months again to finish the last bit of the chapters :derpyderp2:

And in all honesty, I do intend to release a chapter for both this month. For Legacy of the Greatest's update, I have a pretty good beat-by-beat of the events in the chapter to keep things on track. In Phantasmare, a lot of it is already fairly solid in my head, plus it would be cruel to leave readers on a cliffhanger even if I already did that before for two years...

Off-site, though, there's big changes for me. I have a new job! One that gives me essentially a 50% pay raise, with better hours and a lot less stress. Of course, it's not merely me driving to a different workplace every day. I gotta actually make a cross-country move. There's not a whole lot for me to pack, so that part's not too stressful, but I still got 3 days of driving to make my move.

January Written Word Count: 5,500~
(Published): 14,324

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Comments ( 4 )

Good luck with the new job and have a safe move!

Good luck and merry travels!

Congratulations on the new job, and may your adventure be a prosperous one! :twilightsmile:


Thanks guys! The well-wishes are appreciated.

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