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The Future · 8:08am Feb 2nd, 2012

Other than finishing up Migraines, Under Every Lamppost, and A Nightly Romance... I wonder what I should do next?

As far as new story ideas go, I don't know. I am a bit sad at how hard it is to find good Rainbow Dash stories that aren't lesbian... I might take a stab at that. Maybe. Possibly.

I also need ideas on A Nightly Romance. I've pretty much only thought up to this current point.

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Celestia masks herself as Luna and makes one of her "royal inspections" at Sugarcube corner? (thats where Strawberry works right)

That would complicate the plot a lot tho and the drama level would be OVER 9000!!!! then :facehoof:

I suppose one of the problems with RD/stallion stories is selecting a potential partner for her? With the dearth of background male ponies (and the fact that OC ponies being shipped with members of the Mane 6 ... doesn't always go down too well) it can be hard to find one that compliments her personality.



Oooooh... Sounds interesting

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