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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011

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Spike and Treehugger drugged · 1:03am Jan 11th, 2017

My friend xXAngeLuciferXx has done it again featuring Spike and his next honorary harem member, Treehugger. This little comic scene plays homage to what happened to Spike when he first met Treehugger in my fic. I'm putting it in link form because it may cross the line at what can be posted here image wise.

Special Ingredient

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Hey! Where's Smoozie?

4377698 This scene was based off the chapter, Artist couldn't find a place for Smooze.

4377746 Yeah, but seeing Spike and Treehugger drugged like that makes them wild and free

Either it's Coco-Aphrodisiac or Chocolate Laxative.

I understand 'better safe than sorry', but honestly, I think it would be fine on deviantArt, sure Treehugger is naked, but her intimate parts are scenically censored, no areola or anything. There's nothing to see, so therefore there shouldn't be a issue. It's like a nude girl with the Godiva hair that conveniently obscures her intimate areas with said hair.

I think it's safe to put on deviantArt, but I don't want you to get in trouble, nor your friend from Tokyo. It's just an opinion though.

4378225 I know, I just put the link from deviantart there so they'll know where it is and not have to search my friends page for it. In other news it's a joyous event for now we have new character tags here. For characters who needed their own tags for awhile now.


Really? That's news to me. So who now have tags? Personally, I hope that Thorax (as a king) and the Equal Four Ponies (Double Diamond, Party Favor, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider) all have their own tags. Come to think of it, there could be a Equal Four tag when using all four of them to save some tags.

4378244 Main series
• Bat pony
• Dragons
• Griffons
• Minotaur
• Pets
• Royal guard
• Yaks
• Zebras
• Chancellor Puddinghead
• Clover the Clever
• Commander Hurricane
• Princess Platinum
• Private Pansy
• Smart Cookie
• Starswirl the Bearded
• Blossomforth
• Button Mash
• Cloudchaser
• Daisy
• Filthy Rich
• Flitter
• Lily
• Limestone Pie
• Marble Pie
• Moondancer
• Moonlight Raven
• Parcel Post
• Pony Joe
• Sassy Saddles
• Spoiled Rich
• Sunshine Smiles
• Treehugger
• Troubleshoes
• White Lightning
• Wind rider
• Steven Magnet
• Tantabus
• The smooze
Equestria Girls
• Dazzlings
• Applejack
• Dean Cadence
• Fluttershy
• Indigo Zap
• Lemon Zest
• Micro Chips
• Midnight Sparkle
• Pinkie Pie
• Principal Abacus Cinch
• Principal Celestia
• Rainbow Dash
• Rarity
• Sandalwood
• Sour Sweet
• Spike (the dog)
• Sugarcoat
• Sunny Flare
• Sunset Shimmer (demon form)
• Twilight Sparkle
• Vice-principal Luna
• Nightmare Rarity
• Tiberius
• Princess Amore
• Radiant Hope
• Anon
• Self-insert
Season 6
• Zephyr Breeze
• Vapor Trail
• Sky Stinger
• Saffron Masala
• Coriander Cumin
• Flurry Heart
• Ember
• Sunburst
• Mr. Stripes
• Plaid Stripes
• Thorax
Added Twinkleshine.
Added Coloratura
Added Gabby
New Tags:
Tender Taps
EqG Mane 6
Quibble Pants
Timber Spruce
Gloriosa Daisy
Royal Guard
Bat Pony


Holy cow that's a lot of new tags!! :pinkiegasp::applejackconfused: So I take it that pretty much every story now can specifically made so that the main characters needed can finally show up, and we can filter see the stories that have them as main/prominent characters. Also digging the Anon and Self-Insert tags, seems like the OC and Other tags are gonna be used for their proper place now. Not to mention I can see that a lot of stories with main characters that were 'Other' before can be retagged with those characters.

Definitely makes it easier to find the stories and characters you want to search. I'm really liking that Ember tag the most, so nice that we can see it and we don't have to sift a lot of 'Other'-tagged stories to find Ember ones.

4379163 I know. So many characters that've been used so much as of late like Ember and such can finally be truly filtered out.

Your stuff would make a great manga

4379163 Well they finally gave the Four Equal sign ponies from season five's opening their own individual tags


It's about time. :twilightsmile: I just saw them, I wonder if there is gonna be an 'Equal Four' tags similar to the Mane 6 and CMC tags; it would be nice that for stories that require all of them it can use one tag for them instead of 4 separate tags. From what I see, it seems that the 5-tag limit is still in effect.

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