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"Aunt Millie" got a fanart! · 8:16pm Nov 22nd, 2016

This happened yesterday..... "Aunt Millie" got some fanart, drawn by DinkyUniverse!
Much as the fanfic readings another fic of mine received a short time ago, this is the first time this happened! The first time an artist drew fanart for one of my fics! :heart:
This year was full of highlights for my writing and existence as fanfic author and this achievement adds yet another highlight and makes me so happy that I could burst! :scootangel:
Find the fanart below. I won't upload it to Derpibooru or Deviantart because it contains a pretty big spoiler for Chapter 5 of "Aunt Millie", but I uploaded it on an image hoster to be able to show it here:

Comments ( 6 )

It was at this moment Button Mash knew...

Hmm, wonder if Button's found a new gaming partner once this is all over and Millie's finally gone? #Dinky/Button.

I see the equestrian winter coats are in :pinkiehappy:





Always for DinkyUniverse's drawings. The fluffiness is her style. :pinkiehappy:

Oh wow! Thanks for showing them my work, this means a lot to me.:derpytongue2:


You're welcome! Of course I need to share fanarts for my fics and getting your name out is always worth it!

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