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The sequel we've been waiting for... · 2:12am Oct 6th, 2016

Time to get spooky~

A couple hours ago, the long-awaited sequel to "What's This?" made it's way onto the site:

After their initial meeting, Jack and Pinkie come to an agreement to share their holidays with one another. However, with Twilight's doubts and the trickster trio of Halloweentown threatening to put a damper on their celebration, Jack and Pinkie struggle to make sure the nightmarish night is its worst yet!

I originally developed this sequel after I submitted the original, however... Well, real life got to me and I was unable to finish it in time for Halloween/Nightmare Night. It was supposed to go to the following year, but, again, real life got in the way. It's OK, though! It gave me time to prepare the sequel and develop the story to its full entirety!

That means more shenanigans from our lovable pink pone.

Also, if you've already read the first chapter, you'll know that some of Jack's friends from Halloweentown will be making appearances in the story as well. This fic is going to be using the potential that I squandered on the original and I hope to live up to everyone's expectations!

I await your responses~!

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