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Watched the premiere today! · 9:11pm Apr 15th, 2017

After working the opening shift at the dark hours, I curled up and watched the season premiere! I was a bit surprised to see that we weren't getting a normal two-parter, but I'm still quite happy nonetheless. I liked seeing Twilight struggle with what she had to do for Starlight, and I absolutely adored seeing Celestia's view on the matter.

Like, holy crap, we got so much development for Celestia this episode, I might cry.

I guess the writers didn't want to introduce a new villain (or try to resurrect an old one so soon after Chrysalis), so they took on a slice of life approach. It was a nice change of pace and I quite enjoyed it. I liked watching both of these episodes and the lessons in them! I wonder what adventure our crew is going to go on next when it comes time for it!

I'm really excited for this season!

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Comments ( 4 )

I love them both, but I prefer All Bottled Up.

I agree. Celestia's part of the episode was amazing.

Considering All Bottled Up, I think a different order for Starlight's episodes would have been better. All Bottled Up would have been a great addition to her arc in Season 5.
1. No Second Prances
2. Every Little Thing She Does (soon after in the season, not a dozen episodes later)
3. All Bottled Up
4. To Where And Back Again
I was irked by the 'tell don't show' that Twilight did for Starlight. 'She mastered this, she mastered that', well, it would have been nice to, you know, SEE IT LAST SEASON instead of being told that she has.

Celestia made "Celestial Advice", Trixe nearly ruined "All Bottled Up".

Definitely a interesting start to a new season of Pone.

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