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Party Ponies · 6:38pm Sep 29th, 2016

Party Ponies are a living mystery. They are ponies who exhibit abilities that can only be described as random, silly, chaotic, and even next-to-impossible

Probably the most famous example of the Party Ponies is Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie alone has shown a myriad of acts that cannot truly be explained, such as her ability to appear out of nowhere and anywhere, he uncanny ability to seemingly pull almost and kind of object out from nowhere, having insight or some form of knowledge of something she shouldn't, and then of course is her famous Pinkie Sense, which somehow enables her to "predict" certain things like opening doors, somepony who is about to need a bath, knowing something is gonna fall, the list goes on.

Other known or suspected Party Ponies include but are not limited to:
*Cheese Sandwich, a roaming Party Pony whose "Cheesy Sense" allows him to sense when and where a party is being planned
*Party Favor, suspected to be a Party Pony due to his strange ability to create uncanny balloon sculptures that function in the ways they are shaped (such as binnoculars or a bridge) without using his unicorn magic
*Surprise, a Wonderbolt who is suspected to be a Party Pony
*Screwball, once seen flying via a propeller cap worn on her head, suspected to be a Party Pony
*Ponyacci, regarded as the greatest clown in all of Equestria, a semi-retired party pony who founded Ponyacci's School of Clowning, Japes, and Buffoonery. Even before he opened his school, he actually taught several ponies, some of whom went on to become well-known Party Ponies

Due to the inexplicable natures of Party Pony abilities, as well as how rare they are, nopony has a detailed study into how Party Ponies are able to do the things they do, where they come from, or much of anything else about them. Even the Party Ponies themselves don't truly know where their strange abilities come from, often simply taking them for granted.

However, because of their similar random and even sometimes chaotic natures, it is believed Party Ponies have some kind of connection to Discord, the Spirit of Disharmony and Chaos

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Patchwork Poltergeist's The Silver Standard recently introduced a notion of the Party Pony as a pony who has a sort of sixth sense that helps them entertain others. In that, Silver Spoon is revealed to be a party pony too; her specialty being tea parties.

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