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I haven't even seen the new episode . . . · 11:53pm Sep 24th, 2016

. . . and it already pisses me off!! :twilightangry2:

Twilight hypnotizes ponies because friendship lesson = the whole fandom hates her.

Starlight does the exact same thing, for the exact same reason, FOUR SEASONS LATER, and everyone's like "Aww, it's okay, Starlight. We'll let it slide. You're perfect!"

And no one realizes why I hate this character. :ajbemused:

By the way, hypnotizing friends in order to not be late for a friendship lesson? Yeah, we all know what happens when a show starts reusing old plots from old episodes. Ask SpongeBob about that one.

Still not reviewing Sue-light episodes, by the way. The whole rest of the fandom can pleasure her all they want, much like the show already has, but count me out. I'll meet you in my "Viva Las Pegasus" review.

Stay quick and all that other stuff. Blegh . . . . :ajsleepy:

Report LightningSword · 613 views · #new episode
Comments ( 35 )

This episode actually wasn't bad. Starlight had legitimate development, and learned from her mistakes and mentor.

I actually happened to like this episode. It was nice to see that Starlight didn't become immediately perfect once Twilight reformed her. She still has her weak points, and a lot to learn. At the beginning of the season, I thought they were going to make her a perfect character. This episode proved me wrong, and shows that she does still have some unfavorable tactics in mind. Also, the development was great. I've been hoping for more development for her.

4225169 And this was after, what, twenty, twenty-five episodes? If this episode was so great, it should have been earlier. To little, too late. :ajbemused:


I do think they should have placed it earlier in the season, now that you mention it. Though, we haven't had a Starlight episode in a while, so I enjoyed seeing her again.

I enjoyed this episode with starlight and the others plus that pinkie face was just the best thing i ever seen :rainbowlaugh:

The ep was kinda middle of the road for me. Earlier in the season would have been better for it, yes, but there is the sticking point in that she had been actively avoiding her friendship lessons; some passage of time would've been necessary for that to actually be a point.

You probably should watch it to at least keep up to speed with the others. And maybe give Corporal Punishment something to do. :raritywink:

4225175 Alright. That's your perogative. I think Starlight has potential.

I would like to point out that no one has made a death threat yet. Key word being "yet", but still.

Ok, first off, "let t slide"? What does that mean!?
Second, do you like My Little Pony or not? You seem to shoot it down a shit ton more often than you praise it.

4225381 #1: Fixed.

#2: I like it when Little Miss Perfect isn't in the mix. Furthermore, the same could be said about you; you bash me more often than anything else. Have I ever said anything you can even remotely tolerate?

Bro, I'm just giving you shit. This is all an act. Are you really taking it that seriously? (Star)lighten up, amigo.

Starlight belongs in pony jail.

That's not what I've seen

It's actually more the reverse

Twilight's meltdown was much better executed while Starlight's was not

Although if you remove the Trixie mention and have Starlight more inclined to do Friendship Lessons after making friends with someone who isn't a hypocrite, this episode makes a lot more sense if it's placed before No Second Prances

The second she started looking towards magic to resolve her problems I was quickly reminded of two things. The first being, magic can't solve every problem. Even Merlin had said that to Arthur Pendragon, and it was taught to him countless times as he apprenticed under another mage.

In many cases he claimed that magic would only make the situation worse, clearly something Starlight needs to learn. The second thing I was quickly reminded of was this.

Actually it's a little different when Twilight did it the all of Ponyville went crazy when Starlight did it things just went crazy in the castle. However I do wish they would do a little more with her character so I see your point too.

But FlutterShy forgave her...:fluttershysad:

4226052 Fluttershy has also forgiven Rainbow Dash.




Fluttershy is not perfect. :ajbemused:

Out of all the times I've agreed with you... This has to be the first where I disagree with you. Twilight used magic on the whole town and fell low because the spell got so out of control that Sunbutt needed to get involved. Starlight did something similar, yet different, she used magic that didn't harm the main five or anything other than cake and the castle, and the castle really only got wet and battery. She was in the wrong for doing it but unlike Twilight, she apologized and helped fix the mess. I do agree that it is basically the same lesson, but Starlight's felt like the one who learned from it and fixed it.

Lghtnig u want scince joke?

4226868 I think it's been established here that I neither understand your humor nor receive it very well. I'm really sorry, but no.

You're getting it anyway.
Ur not scinctist


We don't think Starlight is perfect, but we don't just bash her. She's made mistakes and WILL make more mistakes, all of the mane seven will make more mistakes. But I'm not going to write her of as a lost cause. If you want to have a bias opinion over her go right ahead and judge.

4227611 Yes, she's made mistakes. But it's different when she makes mistakes as her only option to her default setting: "contribute nothing". She literally contributes nothing to this show. At all. She is worthless and only makes things worse, if not making things the exact same as if she wasn't there. And the show glorifies her every time.

She is a lost cause.


I won't disagree that her role is minimal, but I feel she has a part in the grand scheme of things in MLP.

4228117 Which would be nice if I cared. But her story has done nothing to make me care about her or sympathize with her. At all. If she was important later, she needs to be important now. She's not, so the effect is lost.


I won't lie. Her background story of why she did what she did was more than disappointing. You've reason to not like her I won't argue with that, just know her fans don't think she's perfect, we just don't hate her guts.

4228173 And you're welcome to feel that way. You'll just have a hard time convincing me she's a good character.


I doubted I could. Just wanted to make it clear we don't think she's absolutely perfect

4228228 I know. But her fans just give me that impression. :ajsleepy:


I suppose there are always going to be zealots for characters.


I've seen some people that won't admit a character has flaws :P

You and me both, bud.

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