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    It seems many people have enjoyed laughing at Luna's boner, and given the suggestions from the comments, I've decided to write one more chapter of Luna having a gay olde time. Only one though, I can't see this concept being funny forever.

    What shenanigans will a gay feeling Luna get up to? Will her actions give rise to more boners? We shall see.

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    'Ello all, Caboose here.

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    Pretty soon I will have finished university. No more 10,000 essays or 3 hour exams for me. When that is done you can expect The Undesirables to be back with a vengeance, if sporadically scheduled.

    That's not the future part though.

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The Undesirables: Update Status and New Covers · 1:16am Sep 22nd, 2016

'ello all, you've probably noticed there's been no update to the story for awhile and it'll probably be a few more days until you get the next one. I've recently moved into a new house, I'm getting ready for Uni work, meeting new people and drinking excessively... Basically I've been to hungover to write.

The story will progress though, just slowly and I probably won't reach my Oct 30th deadline. I'm aiming for a chapter a week, since I'm only going to be able to dedicate an hour or so to writing per day once my other work picks up.

Until then, enjoy some potential different front covers I've made while fiddling about in Photoshop. If you're wondering how I've made all these and yet haven't updated in so long, that's down to the fact that these pictures literally take me minutes to do, a chapter can take up to three to five hours.

So yeah... Chapter soon, artwork below. Tell me if you'd like the cover to change, but keep in mind that these are very crude, so I'd make a more finalised version if desired.

And thanks for reading so far!

And my personal favourite...

And I've just realised, the stories breached 2000 views. Whoop!

Comments ( 7 )

I like the second. A good view of Luna in the background as she's the mastermind behind the group, and a hint of villain without actually showing them.

Although... in that second to last, I can't help but notice the look that Trixie is giving Starlight.

I I like the third picture.

3 shows the big picture, 4 shows a battle sequence, and 5 is adorable and shows off the characters. For a story cover, probably 3. Though I do like 5.

None of the covers outside the normal one include Therapsid with beer being all comical and awkward. 0/10.

I do fancy 3 and 5.

I do love the 3rd and last ones :twilightsmile:

The last picture is definitely one of my favorite, although the view does make Luna look a little bit anatagonistic. Although, how do you even make these? Do you just cut the characters out of screenshots and put them on a Pony background (I just got photoshop, and I'm still learning).

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