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    New Iron Horse Art: "For Grant (Happy to See You Too)"

    Art, as usual, by my longtime pal and illustrator, Colby “Greenfinger” Green. Commissioned in tribute to Grant Imahara, the character Umahara is based on.

    Take care, folks, and see you again soon.

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    Rest in Peace, Mr. Imahara (Tribute)

    For those of you who haven't heard, Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame passed away on Monday. He was someone I admired as a robot enthusiast and he inspired the Iron Horse character Umahara. Mr. Imahara was 49.

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Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day" from Turing Test! · 3:34am Sep 20th, 2016

Yar, me hearties! I know it be late fer a few of ye overseas, but I had t' get this in fer me favorite holiday. So, avast, ye swabs, fer me best mare Turing Test dressed up fer the occasion! May yer coffers be ever lined with booty, an' yer gears turn ever faithful, mateys. :heart:

Beep boop arrr. Shiver me servos.

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Comments ( 8 )

So now we have a robot pirate. Here's another one.

0/10 no suprise pirate update

All I can think about is how Turing will probably try to use the eyepatch as a makeshift eyelid and try to wink with it or something.

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