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Who am I? Does it really matter? Probably not. Just sit back and enjoy stories drawn from the eldritch depths of a disturbed mind with a love for pastel colored ponies.

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Another day, Another Chrysalis story · 4:54pm Aug 27th, 2016

Well, technically that title was a lie. I posted it last night, but was too tired to post this alongside it. It's name is "A Friendly Visit", and I spent the past week or so editing and refining it from its rough draft I wrote the night after I watched Times are A Changeling

Anyway, I honestly think Chrysalis is taking over my work on this site. I used to have all sorts of ideas for stories, many of them Sunset Shimmer themed, but now I'm being hit with possibilities for Chrysalis this and Chrysalis themed stories.

I think I'm being mind controlled by a fictional character, and I'm not sure I dislike it.:rainbowderp:

Anyway, if anyone has bothered reading it this far, be sure to check it out! I had fun writing it, and while it's not as comedic centered as its prequel, A Friendly Letter From Chrysalis , I went in a more serious tone. Well, in the first chapter at least. I might be planning shenanigans in the second.

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