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Blog #16: In Memorial of my Netbook's Battery, may it Rest in Peace · 9:05pm Aug 16th, 2016

An amount of time has passed since the last time I showed vital signs, but here I am! After my involuntary break from writing during the past months, a bit of editing, as well as taking like a week or two off for myself, which was much needed after the preceding 10 months of constant stress, I have successfully read myself back into my Shining Armor story.

I have also discovered that the battery of my beloved netbook is dead. My guess is that it decharged in the month I wasn't using it, and for a lithium ion battery that's never good. It's possible that I can resurrect it, we'll see, but I bought the netbook over six years ago which is old for a battery like that. I don't know if replacement batteries exist, but whatever I do, the day will come I have to replace the device, and I don't know if I like that. I can be very picky when it comes to keyboard layouts for writing.

The good news is, the netbook still works perfectly as long as it's on the grid, so for now I can still work and no data is lost (then again I'm pretty sure I have most of it backed up somewhere). So let's see if I can push the word count in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, the Princest story is still in the process of being proofread, but I'm ready to publish it as soon as that is taken care of, so please bear with me here.

Fanfiction of the Month
I didn't have much time to read and, when I had, only read original fiction, so I can only offer you an old favorite of mine. However, Between Chaos and Creation by Donnys Boy is one of the absolute classics in the realm of Pinkieshy, and Pinkieshy is my favorite ship, so you should go and read it immediately if you have never heard of it because that's how the logic works, right? I mean, that is, if you would like to.

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