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Blog #19: The Obligatory Update Post and so on and so forth · 9:16pm Jan 28th, 2019

Not sure if anyone noticed but it's been a while since I've been active on here. Like, a few years.

I should now probably say that I'm not dead and that I have tons of stuff planned for this year? And while these things are technically true, not many of my plans for the year involve ponies. So don't be surprised if I stay dead. I'm not here to whine or anything, just know that I got 99 problems and a pony ain't one.

I'm not reading fanfiction anymore either, aside from the occasional re-read for old time's sake. I have started to finally catch up with the latest few seasons (I'm talking 6, 7, 8) and I still love Friendship is Magic as a show, a franchise, a world ... there might be one or another fanfiction left for me to actually publish on here, once I put some more work into them. But in general, I plan to write lots of original fiction and never tell anyone about my fanfiction past.

So this is not a resurrection note, but not a shutdown note either. It's more saying, to any strangers who might find their way to my profile by some happenstance: hi! I still exist, somewhere out there.

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Remember me? I kinda fell off the grid too. I understand where you are coming from. And don't worry. People move on. Things change. But, we always hold memories. Just know that you we a great help on this site. Especially to me. Sorry if this thanks is 3 years too late. I apologize if it caused you grief in any way. But, if there is anything you take from this, all I want to say is, you are an amazing writer! :twilightsmile:

Out of mild curiosity, where are you going to publish your original fiction? I'm kinda intrigued to follow your work. If not, that's okay. Just thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

Oh, I do remember you! Don't worry, you never caused me grief. We're cool :twilightsmile:

I want to keep whatever original stuff may or may not be going on now or in the future strictly seperate from my fanfiction, mostly because I want to avoid copyright trouble. I've seen other people on this site take down all their fanfiction for the same reason, a fate I would like to stay away from if possible.

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