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Blog #20: Pinkie Pie is a good horse and I love her · 11:23pm Apr 9th, 2021

Hi everypony!

Recently, I decided to ignore the multiple big important pressing matters I should be tending to in my life and work on a story again! I had this short story lying around that I wrote a few years ago and never got around to finish editing until now. It's basically a story about Pinkie being polyamorous.

I came up with the idea in 2017 after cuddling with some friends and thinking, what if the horses all wanted to cuddle with each other? I remember sitting on a bench at the riverside on a late summer day that year - I really can't believe it's been that long - writing that first scene.

I haven't written much since then. A lot happened. I've basically been under constant pressure for the last three years of my life, and my mental health has tanked because of it. It's just been tough to get myself to do anything.

But I want to write! I want to work on stories, be it fanfiction or original. I feel like it's very important to me.

So for now, I did exactly that, and I have to say that it felt good! I've been reading a few fics again too. This fandom is just my comfort fandom, even after all those years. So while I can't promise you will hear more from me on this website, it's definitely more likely than not.

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