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Blog #17: Gimmicks · 6:55pm Oct 24th, 2016

A while ago, I had this idea. I was looking at the asterism (my favorite underrated punctuation mark! It's used to seperate scenes) and thinking about how much it looked like a cutie mark, being three instances of the same symbol in a triangle. So, why not replace the asterism with a cutie mark altogether? Wouldn't that be much, much prettier?

That's what I've been doing today: going through all my stories and inserting tiny graphics into my scene breaks. Here's the symbols I made:

I hope that the size is comfortable for most people when reading the stories. By the way, if you like the idea, please feel free to use them yourself!

But I also created something entirely non-gimmicky: my new story!

Dreams of a Princess

More like Dreams of Princest amirite. I'll just let the cover speak for itself here, you probably know whether you like the ship or not. And if you do, what are you waiting for, go read it already!

With this out of the way, I can finally give my Shining Armor story that I'm writing on the attention it deserves. I'm definitely past the half-way-point, and the plot is thickening, and I'm pretty hyped about it.

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