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Ok darf · 12:35am Jul 22nd, 2016

If you seriously thought blocking me was going to silence me, boy you are wrong. I've only known about you for about a week or two and holy crap I could not believe all the lies and the promises you're breaking, but what transpired in the last few hours, I feel, pretty much sums up who you are.
So the entire controversy can be read up in the comment section of this darf's Fire Sale Blog which I have saved in the following Wayback Machine website (because I had the strong feeling he would delete the blog and I was proven correct hours later).
You have not fulfilled the patreon rewards for dio-drogynous for months. He gave you $50 through patreon plus a 300 bonus on top of that, and all he wanted was the short story reward you've promised on your patreon, yet you gave him nothing (and once again I see you're covering your tracks by erasing all the rewards and replaced them with this humble option: "No Reward - No thanks, I just want to support darf pones").

If you want people supporting you to treat you with respect, you treat them the same way. Claiming them to be "capitalist pig-dogs" just because you didn't live up to the expectations you've set up for them is doing quite the opposite of that.


And finally... well just this.

Please give this man a small donation of one million dollars for being able to write so many horse words in a single hour.

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4105475 Oh trust me I saw that. Oh and he's gonna go on hiatus while leaving commission stories left unfinished apparently (check his userpage).

To me, that's a smart decision I should have made, then again I also knew somebody had to let everyone know what happened.

Got some left for me?

4105475 Haha, I read that like darf took the money and ran into your waiting arms or something like that. XP

Pretentious little prick, ain't he?
Never did like people like him.


"money means nothing to me"

"human scum like you don't deserve my thanks"

"your money doesn't make you worth anything, your treatment of people does"

"you're a shit-fucker, go fuck some shit somewhere else, fuck-face"


EDIT: He deleted all of the comments from his User Page. Greedy cunt took the cash and bailed, even went so far as to attempt to cover up the evidence.

4105730 >using faggot as an insult in 2016

4105896 As long as it gets a reaction then I know it still has some power. The more I use it the more it will lose its power. My goal is to use every insult as often as possible until they all lose their strengths. This is my goal, my Crusade, my heavenly mandate! MINE WILL BE THE WORDS THAT SHATTER ALL VALUES!


Really, though, I'm just some annoying faggot that thrives on argument and anger.


Let's not stir drama in the comments here, shall we?

B-but I thought that... Darf was gone for like... 3 years! He's back?! And he's already acting like the worst person possible?!

I don't understand! :raritydespair:

4106097 Nah, brote, just some fun. The target is darf, you see.

what's with that fimfic logo / banner thing?

4164735 Fimfiction Advanced by Sollace

Wait, darf is NTSTS's alt, right?
Well, given 4106308's choice of words, I have to post this.

4256567 Well according by comment found on the Horse News article of this, apparently?

EDIT: Okay wow literal proof of darf admitting he was NTSTS.

4256567 Ahahah BroTeam. Fuckin' love that bastard. I need to take a trip up there and get wasted with that alcoholic man-child.

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