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ok darf: addendum 3 -- baby got back · 4:43am Nov 8th, 2016

Just as expected. It's a poser account.

The context? The real darf and The Abyss don't like each other very much. They had a very nasty spat and Abyss never agreed to edit any story of darf's. Nice work, m8.

He is indeed back.

archived version: https://web.archive.org/web/20161107122252/https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/688594/so-lets-get-some-shit-sorted-a-useless-qa-based-off-questions-i-was-already-asked

And he's at it again, starting off his refurbished account by adding some very insightful comments to one of SS&E's fanfics that stars EQG's Vinyl Scratch.


Quite frankly, fuck you. I may respect you, but I can't let this shit slide. You don't get to play out scenarios like this and act like it's all fun and games when people have been fucking driven out of town or driven to suicide because of similar events.

Remember people, this is a guy who used to own an account with over 3000 followers, so clearly he is the wiseman of fan fiction writing and his we ought to take his internet yelling seriously. Damn the ability to be able to express characters in any way we want for the sake of telling the story we want to share. We need to conform the canon characters exactly to what the fanon material demands.
But I was digressing (maybe).
But also really though. SS&E, if you've somehow managed to come across this blog post, I wouldn't buy his words for a single penny, much less than $2000 an hour for his time. After all, he did say that he had "plagiarized anime fanfiction" for his own. Don't take my word for it either, however. I'm not willing to scour the internet just to confirm if it's true, so if must, take darf's word with a grain of salt.

Speaking of taking things with a grain of salt, we must also question wehther or not if this is actually the real darf.

*screenshotted with permission*

I'll give props to this 'darf'. Even he has befuddled the mods, for at least a while. However I'm not 100% committed to the idea that this is indeed darf's return to Fimfiction. For you guys that are intrigued, I implore you to compare darf's past informal blog writing patterns to the new 'darf' and then draw your own conclusions there.
And also don't play his games for too long. He seems to be quite a troll.

That's all for now.

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Comments ( 7 )

>mrw people are getting embroiled in the darfpocalypse

edit: This blog alone should prove the new account's apocryphal nature. It just sounds... insulting towards darf. Which, honestly, is quite funny in my opinion. darf whined too much on the internet.

4289949 Blog's been updated. Take a looksie up top.

4289995 Dope. Love me a good troll, too. These reports of yours are fuckin' A-grade stuff.

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