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Tavern, Rewrites, and Updates · 5:53am Jun 22nd, 2016

The last blog post I wrote on Fimfic was in 2014.

2016. Two years later, here we are. I haven't posted anything new, I haven't updated anything old. I've been working on writing projects this whole time, sure, but there's nothing I'm in a position to post. I learned a long time ago that I wasn't good at posting stories while they were still incomplete. Things happen, life gets in the way, stories change in the process of writing them. All writers are different, and as a writer, I work best when I keep things close to my chest during the writing process.

The good news is, I haven't given up on writing and never will. The bad news is, I can't promise that I'll be around regularly, because I probably won't. I don't have new things suitable for posting here, so I probably won't be posting anything new. I'm still sitting on that second chapter rewrite of Tavern, but would it really make a difference? Tavern is years old by now. I'll still finish off the rewrite at some point, I know I will, but I also know that for such an old story and for an author that vanishes for years at a time, I can't expect many people will notice the change. If they do notice, it might be for the worst. They might like the old style more, or prefer the old ending, and they're perfectly in the right for that. You can't please everyone.

I started the rewrite to please myself; to satisfy my belief that I could do better. It's foolish and selfish and serves nobody but myself, but sticking to your guns and choosing to write something for yourself is important. Even though it's completely subjective whether my changes will be seen as improvements or not, I believe them to be, and that's enough for me.

See you guys in another two years.

I should start working on Greyfeather again. That might be fun.

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Comments ( 7 )

I really liked that story and I don't want to see it rewritten, but I'm still eager to see the sequel.

You comment that it serves no one but yourself. Personally, I question whether or not it really serves you, actually.

I'm glad to hear you aren't ever going to give up on writing, though it seems like that's what you're doing, by inches; you've become stuck on projects that you are unable to complete. I would love to see you reach your full potential as an author, and I hope you make the right choices to make that happen.

Regardless of what you choose to do, good luck.

Well, if you feel a minor is in order, then a rewrite is in order.
Might give me a reason to re-read the story! I liked it, so it will be a good refresher.
But still, nice to hear from you, even if it's just to pop in like this. Good to know you haven't abandoned writing :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Good to know you're still kicking! :D

Glad to hear you're still writing and alive. For what it's worth, I'm looking forward to the final bits of Taven.

It's good to hear you're still writing. Hopefully you'll avoid getting caught in the trap of endless re-writing things instead of writing new things that I've seen people fall into. But if rewriting Tavern is what you need to do, then it's what you need to do.

Pssst...it's been five years. You still out there? I hope you're ok.

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