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Returning soon. Sin Whinny news. And a poem · 1:12pm Jun 3rd, 2016

So this is morning five of my beach trip. I'll be making the four hour drive back later today. I had a lot of fun with my friends, took a lot of pics, got a decent amount of shark teeth, and swam in the ocean every day. Never did get to ride that jetpack, but it's okay. There's always next year.
I am almost finished with the next chapter of Sin Whinny. I hope to post it by this weekend. Not many chapters left in the main story arc, so things are coming to a boiling point rather quickly. :raritywink:
I also had a quirky poem sneak it's way out of my head before bed last night. I've added it below. I don't really have a title for it, so I'm just calling it 'Beach Poem' even though there isn't a hint of the beach in it. :twilightsmile:

Beach Poem

On Ninemus day did Fabulous Jay, stride forth in armor everbright,
across the cladious fields of grey, in the land, of death and blight,
Alas, alack, and cries of woe, were heard from wailing dartmouth plants,
and all that met Sir Jay that day, did say he wore his mien askance.

His foe strode forth, one Thuggish Paul, his steps thundered across the plain,
and few alive could tell the tale, of all the men and beasts he'd slain,
When Fabulous Jay his eyes did spy, he roared until the clouds did part,
and with haste, he did approach, his mismatched limbs moving in fits, and starts.

“Fabulous Jay,” he then said, “The sight of you gives me naught but pain.”
“How dare you sir,” Jay did reply, “to slight my visage with disdain.”
And from a slight so slight, they then did fight, back and forth each waxed and waned,
for though each foe, were of opposite type, on equal footing they did remain.

Long hours passed, and with a gasp, Thuggish Paul, did raise his voice,
“It seems we fight with equal might, it seems we need another choice,”
“Agreed” said Jay, gasping as well, “our score cannot be settled thus,”
“but what know we, of new ideas? We of the parry, dodge, and thrust.”

“Well what of Naughts? And what of Draughts? Or claim you too cultured for such?”
Jay did reply, “in games of skill, and wit I say, tis you who would be lacking much.”
“Done then!” Roared Paul, and in his sack, he rummaged out his Draughts and board,
And quickly then the game was joined, and had the two completely absorbed,

And then long hours more passed by, each striving hard to best their foe,
some moves took ages to complete, others lightning fast did go,
Finally the board did even out, two kings left there one red, one black,
“A draw,” said they in unison, then without a word set their pieces back,

Again they played, again a tie, and then once more, the outcome same,
Over and over was reset the board, and deadlocked they still remained.
Yet so stubborn were they both, that neither would rest till one did win,
so on they played through rain and storm, ignoring all the crashing din.

Eventually a traveler came, and saw the two locked in their game,
Although he tried to stop and speak, he was ignored, his pleas in vain,
For Paul and Jay had long ago, tuned out all things except the board,
not day nor night, or thirst or food, such trivial things were all ignored.

And once the traveler told his tale, others came to look and gawk,
and where people gathered in large groups, sellers would then come to hawk,
eventually a town sprang up, with Jay and Paul their tourist attraction,
in the center of the square, people came to watch the action,

Years passed by, and games unnumbered, were each and all played to a draw,
decades passed, neither backing down, both playing on, their fingers raw.
Then fifty years, on Ninemus day, a half a century since they first did fight,
As the morning dew glistened in the sun, and said sun did rise, both high and bright.

By chance a sparrow then did land, upon Jay's hand as he made his move,
and an irritated swat, did move his Drought, into a space he did not approve,
“Ah Ha!” Said Paul, “an opening! At last dear Jay, I have you now!”
And with his next move, he proved it true, and Fabulous Jay was forced to bow.

“Indeed good sir, you have won fair, for whatever reason, twas by my hand,
that I did move my piece that way, so before you I am a humbled man.”
Paul did grin, and then he smiled. “Such words upon my ears!”
“But the sweetness of them I expected, is absent it appears!”

Jay looked up, somewhat surprised, for he expected much disdain,
“It seems to me,” Paul spoke once more, “We have no choice, but to play again!”
Jay, eyes wide, was indeed surprised, then he as well began to smile,
“Well said!” Said he, and reset the board, Paul still grinning all the while.

And to this day, both Paul and Jay, remained both locked in combat true,
but if one looked closely they would see every now and then a grin or two,
long hated foes, they came to see, that their differences, meant less and less,
and eventually the two were friends… (Thank goodness they avoided chess). :raritywink:

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