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This Went Better than Expected · 5:11pm May 25th, 2016

Well, that was certainly a ride, wasn't it? My first fic to hit the featured box, and it was there for a solid few days. I guess I did something right when I wrote Princess Problem, and I'm grateful to all those who gave it a read, a like, a favorite, and/or gave me a follow. Seriously, I can't thank you all enough. I've been wanting to get there for several years, but I never quite hit the mark. Now that I did, I feel I can work on my future projects without obsessing over if it'll be good enough for the box. However, this doesn't mean that the quality of my future fics or updates will go down - on the contrary. Now that I made a tiny name for myself, I'll have a reputation to live up to, certain standards and expectations to meet. I welcome this, though, and encourage those who would like to stick around for my future projects to do so. Princess Problem was the first step in getting my foot in the door, and now I think it's time for the door to be opened.

Now, to business.

Speaking of future projects, some asked if I would write a sequel to Princess Problem. While I can't guarantee a direct sequel, an indirect sequel with Shining Armor and Cadence is already in the planning stages. However, this project is not at the first priority for writing - that would be the next chapter of Black Sun Nation. After that, I have several more projects or updates to other stuff I could work on, but I'm not entirely sure which ones to do in which order. In fact, I'll let you guys decided which I should work on after the next Black Sun chapter. With that being said, the projects are as follows:

-next chapter of Billybob the Butt Bandit
-next chapter of Attack of the Space Puppets
-TwiDash shipping one-shot based on a really beautiful image I found
-Twilestia shipfic based on another beautiful image I found
-CMC comedy/adventure fic
-Applejack/Winona SoL one-shot
-Sad Scootaloo/RD SoL

Hopefully that's a good amount of choices. Anyway, let me know what you'd like to see after the Black Sun update, and I should make a decision after that chapter is put out! Thank you all again for your time. Have a pony for your troubles.

Image by the talented elzzombie

Talk to you later,

Comments ( 10 )

I want more futa clopfics from you ◕3◕
but other fics are gon be good anyway~

I'd love to read the ones involving TwiDash, the CMC, and Applejack/Winona. Is there going to be any butt loving in any of these?

Well, in the CMC and Applejack/Winona ones, no. The TwiDash one, however, I'm still trying to think of whether it should just be a Teen rated shipfic with a lot of touching and making out or if I should just say "Screw it" and make it a clopfic. I don't want to turn into another writer on the site who writes only clop, but from the way Princess Problem went, I suppose I'm better at it than I thought.

3973044 Yeah, I hear you. What story ideas do you have for each, particularly the Applejack/Winona one?

Sort of the origin story. When she first got Winona. That's the basics of it, anyway. Plan to make it a little SoL, maybe add in some sadness.

Still need to flesh out the details and figure out how things are going to go, but that shouldn't be too hard to do.

3973296 Lots of writers find this aspect of writing exciting due to the new ideas and unpredictable directions their stories go in.

I'm one of them! The possibilities being as endless as they are is both a daunting and an exciting thing.

Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, been a couple of busy days.
My vote goes to Twilestia ship fics. Definitely an S tier ship for me. Up there with Chryslestia, Chrysluna, and Shiny-Cadance-Chrysalis (no clever name for that one, unfortunately). Can you tell I like Chrysalis?

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