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Similarities and Differences · 4:53am Mar 27th, 2016

Okay, if you have now seen the premiere of Season 6, do you realize just how similar that scene of restoring the Crystal Heart is to the illustration in Chapter 18 of "A Different Perspective"? I'm boggled even if you're not.

Also, as of the finale of Season 5 and now reinforced by Season 6, I wish I'd really had a crystal ball to see the future because I sure would have put Starlight Glimmer in Sunset Shimmer's place in the story. I still like Sunset's design better though.

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Yeah, that was actually the first thing I thought about when I saw that. :twilightsmile:

It was a bit different, but now that you mention it, yeah I can see it.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. Kinda cool to see Starlight's manipulative tendencies still manifesting, albeit in more "dun wanna do the thing I'm afraid of" rather than "follow my ideology".

Also, my headcanon that the Sparkle fam has anxiety issues on top of their ridonculously OP magic is reinforced :P

Don't forget that little glimpse of a possible Changeling right at the end!

And also, apparently you were right about the fact that Alicorns aren't normally born, but ascended. I kinda figured that Celestia and Luna were born as Alicorns, but apparently they just did something pretty awesome to become that way?

Yeah I thought that bit looked really familiar too.

You could say it's a fan appreciation of a fan appreciation.
But yeah, similar scene is similar. You should be careful what you write now as you never know when you'll predict the future again!

I agree about Sunset's design. You could always retcon the story and revise it with Starlight replacing Sunset like they did on Babylon 5 when they had to replace an actress and they reshot scenes for the DVDs to make them consistent!

I've contacted my lawyer and we're listing out Hasbro's settlement options. :-)

When I read Chapter 18, I saw this dynamic image in my head that just called out to be made. Especially glad now that Fantazyme, Goldfur and I made it happen.

yeah I see they are taking the Marvel approach to Power scaling.

"With great power, comes great personality disorders."

3830743 that or ponies like their specific areas of expertise and get flustered when change comes. Shining would rather be on a battlefield, this whole fatherhood thing can't be solved by opening a can of whoop ass on some poor sod, nor can he just blanket everything in a shield

Yeah. When I saw that scene, I thought of that image. The resemblance is kind of uncanny.

I dunno. A pink bubble shield over that little ball of energy would probably do wonders.

Fathers react differently to children, this I know. And Shining exists to be comic not competent. (Male roles models have no real place in a show for little girls sadly). But I have to also say he is the only character that makes me sigh frustratedly at the TV. I don't dislike him, but I feel that as one of only two adult male characters being represented he has a higher expectation on him, by me as an adult male.
Big Mac has hit that several times for me, I just wish Shining had the same opportunities.

Coincidence, but an uncanny one if ever I've seen one.

Oh, and let's not forget about the tiny 'speck' in the final shot of the 2-parter that looks to be Chrysalis or one of her changelings. Onward, to more Coincidences.

3832447 I mean, Shining's only had two goofball moments. One was loving a gift that Twilight gave him, which isn't entirely off the mark. The other is panicking over Flurry Heart's stuff after he's been put through the wringer his first week as a father, which is, again, not far off the mark. He's also had moments of badassery in the show that no male character has had: holding a city wide shield up while constantly being drained of his love, facing down Sombra while bringing his sister to the Empire, and even in this episode in which he was willing to personally lead his subjects through the storm to the train station (even though they then turned around when Sunburst had his plan) and performed another bit of rather powerful magic to help save the empire.

He's basically the badass goofball, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means he can go from being a comic nerd to beating someone's face into a wall. Frankly, there's a lot of similarities to him and Twilight in that regard. You wouldn't expect the mare who spouts magic theory and had trouble understanding friendship to be able to do half the things she's done when it came down to fighting.


Oh, and let's not forget about the tiny 'speck' in the final shot of the 2-parter that looks to be Chrysalis or one of her changelings.

I'm really hoping that's not just a tease.

3832680 I'm sure we'll find out what it was sooner or later. They animated it, but not anything else in that final shot, so it must be SOMETHING important. I want to know what it was! MUST FIND OUT!

Also.... S6E1 & E2 pretty much singlehoofedly blew up the fanfic I was working on. Stupid "Who needs weather ponies when we have a Crystal Heart?" So much for weather ponies of the Crystal Kingdom. *deflate* :pinkiesad2:

3833002 Ouch! That's harsh. It affects an upcoming story of mine too, but not that radically.

3833103 Yeah, it's a pain in the tail. Now I have to come up with a different place. Oh well. I was hoping to use the Crystal Kingdom since it was mostly a blank slate, but now it isn't so much. Le' sad. :facehoof:

sorry, didn't mean to turn this into an argument. We are probably not going to share views on Shining and I accept that. For me, as a character he is not fleshed out enough for the level of investment the show seems to require from the audience, The same for Cadance, though I admit each appearance from them is helping that, if way too slowly for my liking.
I'm going to kick away the soap box now and just add that the positive of this issue is that such a lack of depth allows third-party authors a lot or freedom to interpret their actual personalities.

I find myself drawn to a lot of Shining X Cadance and even Alt stories of them with others as well simply because of the broad strokes they are painted in.
Shields protector is still my favourite of your works and will continue to be so I am sure.

Just write it anyways and throw the alt-universe tag on it or something. Only the episode you want to be canon to your story have to be, after all it's your story. It's not like one minor comment needs to ruin a perfectly good fic.

3836839 I've been told that by other writers, better writers than myself, which is pretty much all of them. And to say the story is 'good' is probably a disservice to the word. 'Adequate' might be okay. 'Readable'. 'Legible'. That's probably closer. But my only problem is I was trying to NOT do an Alt-U story, because that was never the intention of having it be out of continuity. There's no Super Amazing Wonderbolts team fighting Evil Shadowbolts, or multiple hives of changelings, or the like. It was just a simple story, one where I wasted 2 years trying to write it, only to have canon hit me as it passed me by.

I'll figure something out. It's not like the story won't still be there, when i feel like writing it some more.

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