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Last Year Comic Con Pics · 11:51pm Feb 26th, 2016

Ok, though these were from last year, and with my Comic Con (Phoenix, Arizona) about to come into play in a few months, I'd like to share some of these guys and gals with their suits. And though there wasn't a lot, that's because I had a phone that didn't work before and I have one today that will keep in MORE pics! Think of this as two things. 1)If I don't go this year, think of this as this years. 2) If I do go, then this is an epic short pic gallery for a HUGE one!!! Enjoy! Care to comment, Deadpool?
You betcha!!!

Hey! That was a real fight going on! Aw Spidey, such the goody-2-shoes you are.

When you see da booty.

Heh, this was Foreshadow about the Assassins Creed Franchise and Star Wars Franchise! A body will take you down, but you'll get up easy.

2 little children
Borderlands 2 awesomeness
Best Father Ever

OH MY GOD!!! Where'd that girl get the Doctor Whooves Plushie!? Oh, Dark Helmet? He's cool.

This Dalek ain't gonna feel awesome when I get those swords in the back.

Hi Ho!!! Deadpool, Away!!!

Where's the other episodes!? And why's it so blurry!?

This guy's bald, handicapped, but is awesome! And that chick is hot!

I guess the Soldier is also colorblind by skin.

Hey, it's your little brother! And who's that kid!? Oh... it's reversed? aw s**t.

You think that's great, wait until you see my Ferris Buller Cosplay.

... I got nothing.

Hey look! It's Princess Candyass and King Weird-bug!

Sadly, it didn't end with an earth shattering Kaboom.

Whoa! This is like... a Steampunk version of a Fallout suit! This guy has to be a mod! Get to it, folks!

I'm Commander Shepard, and I approve these pictures. Sellout

If you have no idea who these chicks are, then you're too young or had a boring childhood when the Internet was young.

As you can see, this Cosplay was meant to tug at your hear, and buy more Legos.

Thank God there's no Baby! Or Dog!


He was dancing because of the prices for those G.I.Joes action figure.

I am... the not-so-lawful-law!!!

What's embarrassing is that this guy got more like than Michael Bay announcing Transformers 5: Splooging of the dong.

F**king Americans

Ladies! I ain't into horses, but you'll soon learn why I'm called a Stallion.

I ain't gonna lick your salty, chocolate balls.

Uh... Green screen that, and I'll probably understand.

Is that other Transformers show any good? Just curious, 'cause this Starscream looks... alright.

In the not too distant future, this guy will be you local janitor.

I love this guy. Johnny Gat, not the Cosplayer.

We disturbed the Witch!

Original Taco Squad! Assemble!!!

Lay off the Chimichangas, man!!! Those are mine!

This guy has more likes that Bay's version of the Ninja Ogres!

I got nothing.

The 'Murican knight.

Yeah, I'll show you my pokeballs!

F**k off!!!

John De Lancie!?

Better than those s**ty live action films

I've seen enough Hentai to see where this is going!

Halo: Sanic Ops

Of course! YOU had to come!!!

Does art mimic life? Or does life mimic art?

You're in Arizona! Stop trying to be cool!!!

I wonder if I'm going to have a crossover with this guy?

Good! Gimme the money!

I got nothing

F**king Californians.

Is that a minion? Or an Oompa Loompa?

There ya go! Cosplayers! Were you in these pictures? Comment which one you think is the best!

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Best. Photos. EVER. I RECONISED ALMOST ALL OF THE CHARACTERS. But where is Undertale?

3780552 these were taken in the summer. Undertale wasn't released until Fall or Winter. I'm pretty sure that, if I go this tear, there's going to be some Undertale Cosplayers.
And he hopes he'll go on the... BONE Train!
F**king perverts.


Oh shut up Deadpool

3781047 Ooh... You don't want that. I did it once, and that's on nearly every worst superhero movie lists.

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