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Last Year Comic Con Pics · 11:51pm Feb 26th, 2016

Ok, though these were from last year, and with my Comic Con (Phoenix, Arizona) about to come into play in a few months, I'd like to share some of these guys and gals with their suits. And though there wasn't a lot, that's because I had a phone that didn't work before and I have one today that will keep in MORE pics! Think of this as two things. 1)If I don't go this year, think of this as this years. 2) If I do go, then this is an epic short pic gallery for a HUGE one!!! Enjoy! Care to comment,

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things I learned at bronycon · 11:35pm Aug 9th, 2015

1. my girlfriend who may or may not be parasprite is super snuggly and I love her so much oh my goodness yes she is my girlfriend and yes I am so happy with her oh my goodness gracious me yes yes yes

2. Brasta_Septim is the best friend you will ever have and I'm super happy that he's here too

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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