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"If I was an oven creator, I would label the knobs 'FRONT' and 'BACK.' Not a tiny diagram of how to fuck yourself." ~Austin "Chef" Dickey

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A Question For My Followers: · 8:15am Feb 18th, 2016

What's the most inconsiderate and sadistic thing you've ever done/wanted to do?

I need to know so I know which of you creepy fuckers I need to block.

As for me, I want to erase all HiE fics from existence. That's bound to send thousands into a tizzy, but I don't care. They'll live.

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We may live, but that means we'll just write more! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Wait, if I do tell you, are you going to actually block me?

I once ate the cone before the ice cream.

3762265 I'll just raze them away too.
3762377 Depends on what it is. If you want to punch a drunk guy, then go ahead; they're annoying when they get all over you. But if you want to, like, rape a timid person, then stay the hell away from me.

Rape a timid person is kind of a specific example dont ya think.

3762997 Um, I'm 14. I haven't even had my first kiss, unless you want to count the time me and my friend accidentally kissed.

What I've done: Pushed over some 8 year old kid while playing tag when I was like 11.

What I want to do: Erase North Korea.

3766059 I'm can't say I agree with obliterating 25M people.

However, I can't say I blame you, either.

Write fanfics. There's nothing more sadistic than taking satisfaction in putting other fictional characters through hell to satisfy your own need for entertainment.

3766820 Sigh. Undertale was right.

Kill. I'm not kidding when I say I have had thoughts- And only once- about killing everyone in my sight.
Actually, a couple dozen times, but luckily they only last for a few seconds.

I've always wanted to go up to someone who is smoking and say "you bastard/bitch! I hope that smoke gets into your Lungs and you die and go to hell, and burn in hell! Fuck you!" And walk away.

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