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Thinking About Alicorns... · 12:04am Jan 15th, 2016

So it's only been recently that I really really delved into the MLP fandom and lore. Because of that, I learned that despite Twilight being turned into an Alicorn, she will not outlive her friends. As many know, this was tweeted from Megan McCarthy herself. Many chose to interpret this to mean that somehow the Main 6 will either ALSO be immortal, because of the Elements of Harmony, or they will simply have elongated life spans to match Twilight Sparkle's.

But what if it worked this way? What if, when Celestia ascended Twilight, it was with weaker power? Or divided power, rather. The concept is common with vampires: When a master vampire creates a childe, the childe's blood (or vitae) is diluted in comparison to his master, so he is not as powerful. This continues down the chain until you get the progeny so weak they are barely special. (In Vampire the Masquerade, a tabletop RPG, these were called "thin bloods". Thin bloods craved blood like other vampires, but they had no super strength or special powers, and they couldn't embrace new vampires.) What if Celestia and Luna were the original alicorns (as the show's own history suggests) and can never have equals, no matter how many alicorns they create?

I dunno. I was just thinking. If I missed some critical show lore, feel free to enlighten me.

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Comments ( 4 )

No, that looks and sounds correct. Only alicorns to control entire beings, would be Celestia and Luna.

3686526 Yeah, looking at it from this angle, the show makes much more sense to me. I was bewildered when Princess Cadence came into the picture, but I was even more confused with Twilight's ascension. The show treated Celestia and Luna as gods, so I couldn't help but wonder what that meant for the other alicorns. It was a big diversion from what Lauren Faust wanted.

3686537 I see (hasbro's doing) Although, I find it weird because everything is equine made. The seasons? Day and night? Hibernation? You name it, it's been invented and created by ponies in MLP.

3686542 Yeah, it's very graeco-roman actually. There's no science in it, just magic and pony power. It's cool.

Oh, I had another thought... With vampires, while a childe is weaker than his master, if he is clever and defeats his master by draining his blood, then he would become more powerful than even his creator. In the show, we've seen that the alicorns can "give away" their magic, like when Celestia, Luna, and Cadence gave Twilight their power to protect it from Tirek. What if one of the alicorns went nuts ala-Nightmare-Moon and stole all the alicorn power? Aponycalypse, here we come!

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