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"The Iron Horse" Updates Soon! (+deleted scene!) · 7:26am Jan 11th, 2016

Hello everyone! I'm just letting you know that the newest chapter (the thirtieth not counting the joke chapter and the holiday special) has been written and is in the editing phase. Two out of three of my editors have reported in already, and the third hopefully will soon, at which point I'll be able to clean things up and post the best possible version of the chapter.

I've already made some significant cuts. Typically, dialogue gets abridged or expanded, and sometimes a whole scene gets merged into another or dropped entirely. This is one such instance.

What follows is a scene that takes place at the University Arms Hotel, just outside Cambridle University the morning after the gang arrives in Trottingham. While I could have even left this in the final chapter, it didn't really add anything the audience needed to know other than showing the characters getting together and discussing a few things. Due to the length of the chapter, I made the choice to cut out the scene entirely, but you can enjoy it here as a bonus if you like. :twilightsmile:

Talon Turing walked down the hall of the University Arms Hotel, his talons clicking on the hard floor as he walked through the ornate, wood-panelled hallway. He came to the door he was looking for, confirming that the number on the door was the same as the one he’d written on his notepad. He took out a pocket watch and saw that it was just past 8 o’clock. Perhaps he was too early, he wondered. Shaking his head, clearing it of doubts, he raised his claw and rapped gently on the door.

Almost immediately, the lock was undone and the door swung wide open.

“Dr. Turing!” Twilight exclaimed energetically, a warm smile on her face. “Good morning!”

Dr. Turing returned the smile. “Good morning, Twilight. Am I too early? If so, I’m t-terribly sorry, I merely wished to--”

“No, no, not at all,” Twilight said, waving a hoof dismissively. “Come in, please!”

Dr. Turing walked in and saw that the small room had two beds, a little table, and a large window overlooking the University campus. The room was, like the rest of the hotel, quite luxurious, but he’d made absolutely sure that the University provided the very best for such honored guests.

One bed was as neatly made as it would have been if nopony had slept in it. The other was not only unmade, but the covers were bunched, the pillows were stacked on each other, and the occupant, Gadget, was still lying face down in it. She had her set of mechanical arms - the “Point Dexter” she called it - attached to her body, though she was not wearing her jacket to cover it. He watched with fascination and amusement as she was apparently trying to nap while using her arms to turn a crank generator that was attached to Turing Test, who sat patiently beside the bed.

“Good morning, Dr. Turing,” Turing Test said, bowing her head.

At the sound, Gadget raised her own. Dr. Turing had to stifle a laugh when he saw that Gadget was suffering from a nasty case of bed-head, her mane lopsided and sticking up.

“Huh… oh!” Gadget leaped out of bed and rubbed her eyes as one of her free arms grabbed her glasses before putting them on her face. “Good morning, sir!”

“I see you’re all awake. Did you all sleep well?” he asked.

“Yes!” Twilight said immediately, a placid smile on her face.

“Ye--” Gadget paused, yawning, before covering her mouth with a blush. “Yes, sir. Sorry. I, um, I’m a pretty sound sleeper. I could sleep half the day if you let me!” She stood up straight. “But I’m ready to begin today!”

“And I do not require sleep,” Turing said.

“Well then,” Dr. Turing said, clapping his hands together and rubbing them, “have you all had breakfast?”

Gadget and Twilight’s stomachs both rumbled, as if in answer, and Dr. Turing gave a loud laugh.

“I see! Well, let us see if we can satisfy those hungry bellies. The hotel here has a lovely Full Trottingham breakfast: some poached eggs, beans, a grilled tomato, mushrooms, toast, and, at your request, some quite lovely oatcakes. And a cup of tea or, if you prefer, coffee.”

Gadget and Twilight exchanged eager expressions and looked back to Dr. Turing, nodding almost in unison.

“Wonderful! And I see Miss Turing has had her breakfast as well.” He chuckled at that, but Turing Test only tilted her head slight.

“There must be some mistake. I have not eaten, nor am I capable of…” She trailed off, her eyes shifting slightly. “I understand. You are referring to Gadget charging my internal battery with the provided generator as my ‘breakfast.’”

“That is correct!” Dr. Turing said, nodding appreciatively. “Very good, Miss Turing. Tell me, is your battery charged sufficiently?”

“Affirmative. I will be able to operate normally for the next 44 hours and 27 minutes without requiring additional charging.”

“Then let’s head downstairs for breakfast.” He turned and moved back toward the door, but then hesitated before turning back to Twilight, who had fallen into step behind him. “Oh, um, actually, after breakfast, I’ve, ah, I’ve arranged a short activity before we p-proceed to today’s testing. Miss Gadget, Miss Turing, I’ve arranged a short tour of the King Bullion’s College campus for you. It shouldn’t take long, if you are willing?”

“That sounds great!” Gadget said, nodding eagerly.

“I have never viewed a college or university campus. It may provide me with valuable input,” Turing Test added.

“Wonderful!” Dr. Turing exclaimed. “When you are finished, you can meet Twilight and me back at the Centre of Mathematical Sciences.” Then he noticed Twilight’s frown.

“But why just the two of them, Dr. Turing? I was actually looking forward to seeing more of the campus!” She looked out the window of the hotel room. “This campus is so old, many parts of it were here even before Celestia and Luna ruled Equestria! It would be really nice to see it!”

“W-well, you are f-f-free to go as well,” Dr. Turing managed to say. Then he took a calming breath and leaned in closer to her. “But I actually have something special to show you. I think you’ll find it just as fascinating, if not moreso.”

Gadget raised an eyebrow. “Ooh, now I’m interested!”

Dr. Turing raised a claw, shaking his head. “I apologize, but I am only authorized to discuss this with Princess Twilight.” He sighed. “Please forgive me, but my claws are tied on the matter.”

Gadget pouted slightly, but Dr. Turing could tell it was mostly for show. “Well, I guess it’s fine. But I still get to be there for the Test, right?”

He nodded. “Of course. I think you and Twilight may provide some valuable input, in fact. But let us go. If we dally any longer, I daresay our bellies will deafen us with their protests!”

The group of them laughed at his joke and filed out the door, heading for the dining room on the ground floor of the hotel.

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Comments ( 5 )

A very nice scene. While it is too bad that it did not make it to the final cut, I am glad that you shared it with us :3

Thanks for sharing this. Though, while reading it, I got so absorbed in it that I forgot it was a deleted scene and was rather jarred and disappointed when it ended. :)

Very nice scene - you always can add it in an extended version :raritywink:
Thank you for share it.

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! I quite enjoyed this cozy little scene and I'm glad you all liked it too. Unfortunately, the chapter was running a little too long for my taste and I'm still not entirely happy with the pacing, so I had to ask myself a simple question: "If this scene were taken out, exactly what would be lost that couldn't be taken care of with a line or two of dialogue?" The answer, sadly, was "Nothing." So, out it went. :fluttershysad:

But, on the upside, this scene is still more or less what happens, so you can consider it canon. :yay: (It's just not really relevant.)

Ah, thanks. :)

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