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Genre Tag Pictures · 11:37am Jan 2nd, 2016

Thanks to Meeester making me jump through a few hoops to get my latest story approved, I now have all the FimFiction genre tags in picture form HERE, though I suppose if I knew more I probably could have found the buttons themselves embedded somewhere in the site's "Edit Story" page source code. Oh well. Life is an

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Author Interviewer

So what you're saying is you could use these tags to have a story that's [2nd Person] [Adventure] [Adventure] [Comedy] [Adventure]?

3658581 unfortunately, there is a rule of no pictures in the story description. Knighty: ruining fun since 2012

Author Interviewer

There are a lot of people that has not stopped <.<

As someone who knows more, I can certify that the buttons in story descriptions aren't actually images - they're heavily styled text. (I do hate to ruin things for people, but on the other hand I do like sharing knowledge :twilightsmile::scootangel:)

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