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What do you think of human turned pony stories? · 11:14pm Nov 24th, 2015

What do you think of human turned pony stories?

A human becomes a pony in a fan fiction by just being in Equestria or something.

Personally, I heavily dislike such stories. I just strongly dislike ponification of a human. I much prefer the human remain human in Equestria.

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Comments ( 24 )

Don't care what anyone says, I agree with this.

Because changing a human into a pony just makes them lose their specialty and what they are.

It's stupid, and I really just dislike it -_-

I love HiE stories. It's all about the fun of hiding/discovery and the first few chapters about who's gonna find who first. It's why Arrow 18 is one of my all time fave stories. (changeling fics also have the chance for these kinds of adventures.

If they become a pony it loses that appeal I think.

Also, if I see the anthro tag there's a very high chance of me just not bothering with a story.

Don't mind it really but hey some like this some like, I don't judge

I share the same view. Having a human turn into a pony just defeats the purpose of reading, IMO. I've never liked those stories at all.

I like them a lot. I also like when they stay human in Equestria. HiE is something I like a lot both ways.

Looking at this logically, in order to become a pony your human self would have to die. Same for your personality, soul, and everything you stood for. you would have to change your genetic code and anatomy all together. as science states living organisms cannot change their genetic code or DNA.

In addition to that another pony body would have to be pre-made in order to exchange the soul. If some how you get all this done there would be the matter of memories... since your human self is dead, everything about that form of you is. you would wake up asking "who are you?" and "who am I?" then you would make an entirely new life for yourself. More than likely never once doing something your human self would have done.

In other words, I don't like those stories.

I hate them with a violent passion.

In comparison to you Bendy......I hate them as much as you love the Sun's butt.

I'm on the opposite of your opinion, I like when a human is turned into pony, but I hate human remain human. I dislike the HrH for a couple of reasons, one I will tell you is that its been done to many times. The only time I am ok with HrH is with ToucanLDM videos of "(blank) meeting My Little Pony".

why give up being yourself just to fit? that's how i see it.

I don't like it when the human does it to fit in with the ponies because they fear him. to me it seems if they can't except the human as he is then the human should look for friends with the other races.

Something just...confuses me; you always complain about the TCB story concept but you also seem to have read a lot of them, you've even got a TCB side story(the serious one).

I haven't read any of them yet, but you've piqued my interest and might take a try later XD. I'll let you know my opinion then.


Well, they still could have the same personality and memories as being a human, but certain behaviors due them being a pony could come about.


Yeah, they also creep me out.


I personally think it defeats the purpose of Human in Equestria.


I hate when that happens. It really pisses me off.


I read a few of the most infamous ones and got angry.

Be prepared to see Princess Celestia as Hitler and ponies as Nazis in short.

I work as an editor for Anti TCB story: The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum.

3567280 PRetty much..but still....human turned ponies just ruin it for me...

3567280 Maybe, but again, I think its been done to many times it has gotten a bit old.

3567280 Agreed it also makes the human look like a total coward who can't take pride in himself or his people.
the only time i'm ok with the human wanting to be a pony is if the writer of the story did a whole Tarzan thing wear at a young age like a baby,he was found and raised by ponies and felt out of place and alone, then it would make sense that he would want to be a pony.He has no knowledge of his race all he's ever known is his family and their people and way of life.

I am most agreed with you, but it more depend of the story.
In TCB it differently a disgusting thing.
For stories, where humans just turned into ponies it just strange for me and it diffinitely, as people said before me, cut all purpose of HIE and just turn a HIE story into OC story. I am especially hate stories when human turned into alicorn it just cheating.
Exception where transformation is purpose of the story to become a human again. I don't know why, but I like stories where Laurean Faust is alicorn, I see her as Luna's and Celestia's mother and more logical for her to be a pony or change her species whatever she want. I imagine a scene where Celestia want to introduce her human boyfriend to her mother and fear that her mother would be mad at her but in the end she will find that her and Luna's father is a human too.:rainbowlaugh:
I am accept when human turned into a pony temporarily for some purpose. For example, will you become a pony temporarily if it will be only one way to impregnate your pony wife?

Same here, I tried to read a few years ago but just could not stand to read them.

Just outright making a human a pony just because you can is lazy, but if it adds something to the story it can work alright. For instance, if a human is brought to equestria but has no way home from either the princesses, discord or anyone else and the magic of equestria us like a radiation poison to a human than the human would have to choose; make a new life as a new race, or just wait to die.


I agree with the temporarily part. I'm not sure if I ever see that happen in story where a human becomes a pony to have baby with a pony.


Yeah, I too think it sounds lazy.

I hate the stories where humans are turned into gender-bent versions of themselves,just to satisfy the writers sick fetish. Also ponyfication for aquiring a huge stallion penis or magic powers also sucks.


Yeah, that's lame.

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