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    There aren't enough macro stories. :(

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    Macro Prompts Wanted

    I want ideas for big ponies. Please send me some. If I see one I like, I might write it.

    Edit: The more detailed the better.

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    It's been so long.


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    Still alive, sugs. Painfully unproductive, but alive.

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Sad · 12:55am Nov 11th, 2015

There aren't enough macro stories. :(

Report Charyb · 491 views ·
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Comments ( 19 )

I feel ya :ajsleepy: (though I'm more on the micro end, though size is relative at this point :derpytongue2:)


Well, who would I be to stand in your way? :Dc

On this site? There's hardly enough...

However, I do know where to find plenty.

liek if u cri evri tiem.

ikr, clop writers really need to start making more

Welcome to the club

With my only real interest being futa on male,I ran out of stories ages ago. .3.
There's like 2 a month on a good month ;n;

If only I had more skill, I would try to right this wrong.

I'm gonna be working on a little somethin' somethin' fairly soon. <3

you think you have it bad? you macros have like twice as many fics as us micros do , i often have to resort to taking a look at macro fics too cause there's never enough micro to get satisfied from.....

3542942 ...The hell are you talking about? I see more micro than I do macro.

3609236 just take a look here http://www.fimfiction.net/group/1300/ponies-big-and-small clearly more macro than micro....

3609476 Then you ain't looking in the right places.

3609528 apparently you aren't either :l ....

How big are you looking for? I'm working on two fics in the seven to ten foot and change range mostly, with some future jaunts into the twelve plus side; as much as I like kaiju sex, it doesn't work for the stories I have in mind.

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