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Macro Prompts Wanted · 2:58am Sep 15th, 2015

I want ideas for big ponies. Please send me some. If I see one I like, I might write it.

Edit: The more detailed the better.

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Comments ( 16 )

Giant Yellow Quiet horse noms unwilling anon?

Bonus points if wearing a sweater.

My pleasure.

Adult Futaloo and Futa Dash grow to really big sighs with the magic of frotting and self tit fucking.
mean wile, Soarin is caught in the middle of there growth, but slowly starts to enjoy it.

Bigger the better. Go nuts Uni :scootangel:

Ponk gets huge, starts eating ponies, making her grow larger and putting more junk in her trunk.

I remember really liking the bits in your stories that teetered on the edge of vore, but never got there. Non-con or consensual, urethral, vaginal, anal, or oral, I'd really like to see some macro vore.
If vore isn't your thing, though, disregard me.

I've been wanting to see a muscle / height absorption story between Big Mac and Fluttershy.

Fluttershy has always felt small and weak, so she was obviously vary envious when she met the giant, powerful Big Mac. After years of jealousy, Fluttershy goes to Zecora for something that could help her get as big as Big Mac, but Zecora has an even naughtier plan. She gives Fluttershy a necklace that absorbs the strength that a nearby pony gains and eventually takes what they already have. So Fluttershy goes to Big Mac and asks if she could help out around the farm while he works. He agrees, unknowing that while he's doing all the work Fluttershy is "getting the credit" for it, gaining muscle until she is half the size of Big Mac. Once he stops working, he himself starts to shrink while Fluttershy absorbs his giant form from him. Once she's now even bigger than Big Mac when he was giant, and with him now a shrimp, she takes advantage of him and the bang. Happy endings all around.

It's a pretty rough idea, but I think it might be doable. And I'd certainly love to see someone with your talents writing a story like this!

Derpy eats a mutant Muffin that mutates her into a growing futa giant making her bigger with every muffin she eats. Then in her heated daze she proceeds to eat and fuck everything with her massive pole until she finally taps out, leaving not just ponyiville, but everywhere from Canterlot to Appleoosa to Manhattan. The ponies try to stop her but all fail. And in the end she says "I just don't know what went wrong"

Night Glider grows huge from the moon's energy and goes on a horny rampage through equestria...

Soarin tries to prank Spitfire with a potion he got from Zecora or a poison joke, and it makes her a huge and Horny. And cloudsdale becomes her marehood's captives with Soarin in it, or Soarin gets eaten, then she turns her attention to the rest of the world.

Because I can
Rumble gets his hooves on a potion that, when ever he cums, it ages him, makes him older, bigger, stronger. Over the course of the morning, school day (like a scene where he gets it on with Cheerilee after school where during some rutting, he cums inside her multiple times to Cheerilees shock at how more and more she's getting stuffed), night, next day, he triggers the potions effect over and over again until he's bigger than Big Mac adult, and even moreso if you want to continue the story and make him a literal giant. Figured this would be regular pone, multiple characters, stuff like that.
I'm very narrow minded


Think I have an idea much like this already, sug. Might try it out~

Sorry, I only saw this just now.
This is an idea I had a while ago, but I'm not going to do anything with it. You might get some mileage out of it.:pinkiehappy:

In Equestria, where the Princesses are giantesses, it has become tradition over the centuries for leaders in the country, such as mayors and governors, to receive an increase in physical stature as a mark of their leadership and authority from the Crown.

The Ceremony of Royal Investiture not only confers political power, but magically increases physical size as well. Because of this, official buildings, government trains, etc... have all been outfitted to accommodate nobles and officials who hold positions of importance. Their size can range anywhere from two times a normal pony's size (say a deputy ambassador) to ten times a pony's size (Princess Celestia, the biggest pony in the country).

Now, Cherries Jubilee has been elected mayor of Dodge Junction and is heading to Canterlot to receive Royal Investiture. She's traveling on a government train and is amazed at how big and tall the cars are. She is assured that she will be glad for their roominess on the return trip after she is made mayor.

Honestly, she isn't terribly keen on being turned into a mini-giantess, she simply wants to clean up some dirty politics in her home town. What she doesn't know, though, is just how much she's going to come to appreciate her new perspective as a mare who is large and in charge.

Note that any number of stories could be written off this basic idea using different characters.

Hmm... What if Chrysalis had a futa-tastic hard-on for Tia and Lulu, and that's why she captures Canterlot. Then, when she removes them from their cocoons and makes them horny, she gets more than she bargained for in the form of room sized horny mares with an insertion fetish? Could possibly include insertion, scissoring, and light vore. And growth. And other things. Smexy, sexy things.

A continuation of Bragging Rights would be nice. :)

Another idea: Twilight Sparkle has a thing for giants, but her friends are getting tired of her making flimsy excuses to cast growth spells on them. One day, Gilda comes to visit Dash, and Dash complains about Twilight's obsession. Gilda pretends to agree that she's nuts, but later she barges into Twilight's castle with a question. "So, how big can you make me?"

Oops, didn't realize how old this post is. Ah well.

In the equestria girl-verse, a lustful principal celestia convinces the school board to change the girl gym clothes in a japanese style (Ya know, the ones with the tight white T-shirts and shorts that practically look like panties?:rainbowwild:)

Meanwhile, after the change, a futa fluttershy tries to hide her male assets from her gym class as it progresses, but thanks to pinkie and applejack's big butts, rarity's ample breasts, and her newfound fetish from seeing her childhood crush (rainbow dash) in a japanese school-girl gym uniform, she starts to get erect and starts to leak a lot of precum. And thanks to her magic, not only does her penis/balls start to get bigger (with her balls growing faster and a hopeful increase of precum), but so does the rest of her. Sunset shimmer tries to stop this by using a device that reverses her magical essence or whatever, but when she tries to use it, it malfunctions and uses fluttershy's magic to grow her too. And as the two being to outgrow the school, fluttershy and sunset shimmer start to get horny from seeing each other and begin to make birds and bees before a huge, gootastic, orgasm ends their growth with the school in nothing but rubble...

And pinkie had accidentaly put caramel in sunset's device, which caused it to malfunction, but hey, that's for the possible sequel...

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