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Sometimes, Conan can be a real idiot. · 8:10pm Nov 8th, 2015

Spoilers for anime episodes 722-723, the Sweet and Cold Delivery case.

This week's viewing began with a case that got a little lolicon. While playing soccer in the park, the Shounen Tanteidan encounter a stray cat that Conan recognizes. The cat was playing with Haibara, and a thread from her hand-knit sweater got caught on its claw. The sweater started to come unraveled.

Haibara was ONLY wearing the sweater (and a tank top under), mind. No shorts, pants, or skirt.

When the gang tracked down the cat that had jumped inside a refrigerated delivery truck, they got trapped inside by mistake, with more of Haibara's sweater coming unraveled. Then the end of the thread got caught on a bush, and as the truck went further away, well...

Haibara ended up in her tank top and panties and completely mortified.

Of course, this being Detective Conan, they also found a dead body stuffed in a box in the back of the truck. In the tradition of freakishly clever murderers in this series, the two killers stuffed the body in a box, rolled it around to delay livor mortis, then let it cool in the back of their refrigerated truck to slow decomposition, thus confusing the time of death. By visiting convenience store bathrooms and deliberately dropping packages they deliver to customers while transporting the body, they can be sure their faces are remembered so they have a rock-solid alibi. Then, they can just dump the body and get away with murder.

Unfortunately, they couldn't possibly have factored for Edogawa Conan chasing a stray cat into the back of their murder wagon. Unfortunately for Conan, none of them had a working mobile phone on them at the time, which would've ended this whole mess instantly.

I won't go into the elaborate details of Conan's Machiavellian plan to rat out the two killers and get rescued. It relies too heavily on contrivance, coincidence, and implausible circumstance, and failed in some way at almost every step of the plan. Instead, I will point out that given the unraveling of Haibara's sweater when they first got stuck in the van, the whole lot of them missed the most obvious and surefire way to deal with the situation--even if it would have been completely humiliating for Haibara.

They should have just had her start screaming and kicking up a fuss until the truck was forced to stop to investigate, then once the door was open, have her start SHRIEKING about molesters. With a 7-year-old girl* in her underpants in the back of a refrigerated delivery truck, the second her screaming drew a crowd, that would have been the end of it.

Gee, you'd think the world's smartest, most resourceful detective would've thought of that.

* For those unfamiliar with the series, Haibara is actually 19, and was shrunk by the same drug that turned Kudou into Conan.

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Comments ( 2 )

I remember that case from the Manga, it was a funny one.

Perhaps Edo did think of that alternative but then though "Fuck that, that's too easy." :rainbowlaugh:

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