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Encyclopedia Republica: Dragon Guard · 6:05pm Oct 18th, 2015

Phoenix Republic:
Dragon Guard:

An elite fighting force that serves as the bodyguard to the Republic’s Supreme Commander, Drake Rex. Any service member may apply, but entry into the Dragon Guard is a rigorous process that tests the prospective being’s endurance, strength, intelligence, decision making, and communication skills. Following these extensive tests, they must pass an interview with Drake Rex himself. While rare, there are cases of applicant completing the tests only to be disqualified during the interview. Those who do succeed in becoming a member of the Dragon Guard serve for a six year term before either retiring or returning to the service they came from. Those that continue to serve in the Republic military typically serve with great distinction and rise to high ranks within its hierarchy. Those that retire tend to fare well in the civilian career they chose for themselves, a large amount of support and connections being available to them from other retired Dragon Guard.

The origin of the Dragon Guard dates to before the founding of the republic. Initially comprised of the changeling survivors and taken on to protect their new queen, Queen Emerald. The Guard would be supplemented by griffins, then wolves and minotaurs before being officially organized and open to all races.

Hey all. This is a little something I am thinking about starting up for you so you know I am alive. The Encyclopedia Republica is a set of notes i have to help keep the lore of Drake's Empire straight. It deals with the races, history, nations, and different types of magic that can be worked. I will try and keep these relatively spoiler free for what is to come. I hope you enjoy, and know feedback is appreciated.

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One hell of a story. I stopped reading around chapter 16... maybe I'll start up again. :twilightsheepish:

3479610 If you do please let me know what you think.

3479710 I'll do my best to. Sure.

Uhh more worldbuilding is goood.

Now I just have to wait patiently for more right? *goes back to bake bread and waits*

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