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Encyclopedia Republica: Magic: An Overview and Drakes Empire Update · 3:56am Jan 27th, 2016

Magic: An Overview

Magic is the manipulation of existing energies in the world to do work. In that sense, magic is power, the ability to do work. It is a natural part of this world lacing the crust with currents, permeating the water and air. It is a part of the animals as well, though some, such as dragons, are more gifted than others. The means by which magical power is gathered and used falls under one of two main archetypes: Internal Magic and External Magic.

Absorption, Pony, and Dragon magic are examples of Internal Magic. Drawing on the latent magic potential energy of its user, these schools of magic vary wildly in potency from user to user, but are also untethered by the resource requirements of External Magic.
Rune, Aeriform, and Blood, are examples of External Magic. Using various different methods these schools of magic, often used in concert to produce stronger effects, these magical methods produce the same results for all users, but require materials which can be rare, complex, or expensive to perform.

Once magical power is gathered using one main archetypes, the mage must decide what to do with that power. There are many schools of magic that transcend the means by which magical energies are harnessed and instead focus on how to make use of the energy. There are many different school and differing opinions about what qualifies as a full-fledged school and what is a sub-school. For the purpose of this encyclopedia we will focus on the Combat, Life, Enchantment, Illusion, Nature, and Arcana schools.
Soul Forging is a unique form of magic not belonging to either archetype or any school. It is the sole domain of the Canyon Wolves and is covered in detail in its own section.

Gems have many special uses in the different fields of magic as their ordered lattice nature makes them exceptionally capable of storing, channeling, and discharging magical energies based on how they are used. The section on gems discusses their general usage as well as some of the more esoteric matters such as which gems produce the greatest effects depending on the school and archetype used.


Hey readers. I hope you enjoyed the Encyclopedia overview on how I see magic working in the Drake's Empire version of Equestria. I wanted to give you a little something to munch on while I work on the next chapter of Drakes Empire, speaking of which, I wanted to give you a little heads up on what is happening with that and how I plan for the story to be laid out if anyone was interested.

I've been working hard on the next chapter of Drake's Empire and it is getting a bit out of hand. About 12000 words out of hand. Why so long? Simply put I want to get to having Drake crowned and move on to the next major arc of the story, the Greed Arc centered primarly on the Diamond Dogs. To do that I have to close out a lot of things left in the Lust Arc that is going to finish with Chapter 33 and will have run from chapter 15 to there. The first set of chapters can been seen at the Arrival/Training Arc.

What is this about Arcs?

Since reaching Forum, Drake's Empire has been about Drake's fight of defeat the Fallen. The Fallen that are based on the seven deadly sins. So then seven arcs of the story right? Not quite. At this point two have been taken care of. Pride was taken care of in the Pilot of the Show, Luna having fallen to its influence and become nightmare moon. Lust was the Changelings and are being finished up right now. Envy will be handled in just a few chapters, but may become a more permantent fixture than the ones that strike it down expect. Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, and Wrath are all going to get their own arcs, most likely in that order. With the Arrival/Training Arc that will be six arcs total. That being said I don't know how long the story will be. Outside of a very loose outline the story has grown as changed very organically, and continues to do so.

Feel free to voice your own thoughts or suggestions. I do consider them and they have helped lead to changes and developments in the writing process as I have taken time to consider them.

Take care and keep being awesome! :moustache:

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