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Encyclopedia Republica: Magic: Absorption Magic · 9:52pm Mar 31st, 2016

Absorption Magic:

The natural magic of the Changelings, Absorption magic involves taking in magical energies from other creatures to provide energy, rather than having a natural source of magic. The more powerful the source absorbed from the more powerful the magic worked by the user becomes. The best known example of this comes from the Royal Canterlot Wedding were Queen Chrysalis, having fed on the love of Prince, then Guard Captain, Shining Armor for an unknown time, thought to be at least a week, was able to defeat Princess Celestia in a magic battle.

The parasitic nature of Absorption magic also causes its users some problems. First and foremost they do not have internal magic sources. This means if the user expends all the power they have accumulated they must find another source to feed from lest they grow weak and possibly suffer death, depending on how integral magic is to their survival. This can be seen in the near extinction of the Changelings and Drake’s defeat of Queen Chrysalis after the wedding despite her subduing him during the Battle of Canterlot.

Today Changelings are the only legal users of Absorption magic. They are carefully regulated by the Republics Bureau of Magic and Enchantment, BME, which ensures that magic in the Republics serves the betterment rather than detriment of society. Further research and development of ley lines and storage crystals means they no longer need feed on another to acquire the magic they need to survive. Even with the existence of these other sources Changelings may still harvest energy from a willing sources.

The other users of Absorption magic are the denizens of Tartarus. In the past, during Tartarus incursions, members of the invading armies were known to consume magic from any that fought them. Additionally, Spell Stealers were shadow creatures of Tartarus that would feed on the enchantments of cities and roads throughout the empire, draining the sources and causing the enchantments to dispel.

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