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Enclyopedia Republica: Crystal Empire: King Sombra · 11:56pm Apr 4th, 2017

King Sombra:

King Sombra was found in the wastes outside the Crystal Empire as a foal and brought to an orphanage. He showed an aptitude for magic early in his life and was taken in by a now forgotten family, who was stricken from the records during Sombra’s rule. Little else is known about Sombra’s childhood, but it is assumed as he learned about the state of the world under Discord he felt a call of fight.

At some point he left the Empire, unhappy with its passive role in resisting Discord. Reviewing journals and records found in the Crystal Empire library shows they were constantly sending material support to various resistance movements, but the nature of Discords forces made it a costly and difficult endeavor. Sombra felt a more active stance was necessary to end Discord and struck out on his own following this ideal.

After leaving the Empire, Sombra joined a small resistance group claiming to be a noble from the Crystal Empire. In time, he came to lead the group and gathered the disparate groups together into a unified Resistance. After unifying the resistance, he was able to coordinate for greater aid from the Empire, which supported him gladly. It was at this time that he would meet Princesses Celestia and Luna. By their own admission they were very young at the time and Sombra would serve as a mentor and father figure for them until his fall.
It should be noted that Sombra was an exceptionally powerful mage, but against Discord that is like saying a fire is particularly hot before a flood. What allowed him to survive and thrive was an exceptional strategic mind and incredibly quick wit capable of adjusting to Discord’s mad magics and continuing to fight. He also knew when and how to retreat and save his forces for the next fight.

At some point while leading the resistance, he became a target of Razor Claw. More information on Razor Claw is found elsewhere in this encyclopedia. As he relates to Sombra it is enough to note he was a servant of Discord who preyed on people’s envy to possess them. It is unknown how long Razor Claw sought to possess Sombra, but, at the time Princesses Celestia and Luna were claiming the Elements of Harmony, Sombra fell. Based on other claims, he fell shortly after finding and killing the third changeling queen who was in the midst of his inner circle.

Once he fell, Sombra, under the control of Razor claw, made for the Crystal Empire. He arrived in the early morning hours, with a cadre of black armor clad guards, carried out a brutal Coup d'état shortly after Discord was defeated. There was little resistance by Crystal Empire forces because most had deployed to support the Resistance against the armies of Diamond Dogs, Harpies, and Ogres. By the time the sun had fully risen, the noble houses of the Empire had been purged and their bodies displayed on the castle ramparts. By noon the Empire was under Sombra’s total control. In the short time he reigned, he subjected the population to enslavement, directing them into crystal mines for an unknown purpose. He also placed enchantments over the Crystal Ponies and Empire to cement his rule.
Fresh off their victory over Discord, Celestia and Luna had rushed to find Sombra, but where repeatedly delayed as Discords former servants sought them. Once they arrived they did battle with King Sombra and emerged victorious. But it was a hollow victory as the Empire was sealed away along King Sombra by his greatest enchantment over the empire.

Upon the Empire’s return Sombra returned as well and tried to reclaim his throne. He was thwarted by the Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, including Princess Twilight Sparkle before her ascension and the Spike the dragon. Sombra was destroyed when the crystal heart activated saving the Empire and returning its magic to this world.
A key figure of the Resistance against Discord, Sombra’s fall and betrayal is linked to the continued survival of Discord’s servant races, the Fallen, after his defeat. Had the Crystal Empire remained it is likely the modern borders of Equestria would be much larger. Instead they quickly exhausted their forces pushing the Fallen back and were forced to consolidate and fortify instead of freeing the whole of the Empire of Order.

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Uhh nice to see it going.
Thank you for the continuus world building.
Oh and uhm, I think it is called an Coup d'état. Though I could be wrong of cours, after all my last french lession was more or less 20 years ago and I never bothered to learn my neighbors language much.

4484401 No that is right. I was just expecting Word to correct it for me. :derpytongue2:

Thank you.

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