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Encyclopedia Republica: Foreword · 11:01pm Jan 9th, 2016

Encyclopedia Republica
Edition 9
By Epistaties Logos


This encyclopedia is the defining resource on the history of the races, geography, cities, and organizations that today form the Phoenix Republic. I was asked to craft this encyclopedia in some form by numerous people in the past, includes one particularly insistent Princess Twilight Sparkle both before and after her ascension. Only recently have I taken it upon myself to create this work, at the insistence of Archon Drake who seeks it as a part of the new education system that is being established following the recent defeat of Fallen that has allowed the Republic’s forces to capture the sunken ruins of Labyrinthine, the capital of the Empire or Order.

I would like to thank the numerous griffins, minotaurs, canyon wolves, buffalo, zebra, ponies, and others that have helped me to review, research, and verify the information contained in this tome. All works used have been included by title and known location in the back of the Encyclopedia, or at the end of their relevant entries, for any who wish to read more in depth on any topic covered.


Added Edition 5

It is my deepest hope that anyone who uses these Encyclopedias will be able to learn from them. A long dead Emperor once said “Knowledge is power,” and he was right. Knowledge is the power to fight ignorance, to debate intelligently, to improve the world and seek a better tomorrow. I have seen what happens to a world were knowledge is lost. A world where ignorance and chaos run wild. It is a dark and terrible world.

I hope that the tomes will help whoever it may be that is reading them to light that darkness and turn that chaos into a constructive, creative creature that makes the impossible dreams of today the mundane workings of tomorrow.


1: The original Foreword of the First Edition Encyclopedia. Since then nine new editions have been released.

Next Chapter is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way done with the rough draft, but it just keeps getting longer and longer as I discover more things that need to be said to get to the end of it.

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