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*SPOILER* Leaked Episode: Scare Master + Updated Story · 7:17pm Sep 21st, 2015

More after the break.

Loved this episode. Angel confirmed pure evil. Also, Applejack cat... I almost died.

In other news, I also updated Celestia's New Student. If you haven't been reading that, just know it's the story I'm focusing on the most right now.

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Knew she could do it. Love Flutterbat. :yay:


You know I'm starting to think the writers love her design too. I mean so far she has made two cameo appearance as Flutterbat in this season. Not to mention the entire Flutter Bat arc in the comics. Also did anyone noticed whom Derpy was dressed as? :raritywink:

HAHAHAHA, Angel confirmed pure evil alright!

Lionjack/Applecat is THE MOST ADORABLE.

Jesus Christ, Fluttershy!


Missed it. Will have to see it again. :fluttercry:


I will give you a hint. You see her in the corn maze. :twilightsmile:

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