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Lauren Faust is going to Equestria LA · 6:28pm Aug 26th, 2015

Well, this is a bit of a turn-up for the book. Lauren Faust, who I don't think has been to a pony convention since 2012, is a last-minute addition to the already fantastic line-up of guests at EQLA in just over a week's time. It'll be fascinating to see what her programme is.

Also: EQLA weekend ticket = £38. BUCK weekend ticket = £100. And even at that price, BUCK doesn't make a profit. UK hire/venue/etc costs are completely idiotic. Now let me go and cry into my cider for a bit. :applecry:

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Comments ( 6 )

I can tell you what isn't going to be on the program because of this. They cancelled my writing panel via email last night.

3349060 Seriously? Why? Surely it's a large enough venue to accommodate your panel somewhere during the weekend?

Once you factor in the cost of actually getting to LA, £100 for a BUCK weekend ticket doesn't sound so bad...

3349408 True enough. But imagine just how wonderful it would be if BUCK tickets cost £38 and they could afford the amazing guest list EQLA has. (It's not just Lauren Faust. EQLA attendees also get to see Tabitha St. Germain, Amy Keating Rogers, M. A. Larson, John de Lancie, Bonnie Zacherle and about eight more...)

To be honest, I think BUCK's ticket prices have probably reached the maximum they can charge and still get a good crowd. I know it's not their fault, but with that and the out-of-town location this year, overall bills are really getting a bit silly now.

Uk con prices do suck.
Sadly I dont know how anypony would fix that, and A lot of people who are not going to BUCK because of it.

3360493 I'm solving it by going to UK PonyCon instead. :rainbowwild:

I've been doing a little research on pony convention ticket prices around the world for a forthcoming Louder Yay post. The results don't make pretty reading: a standard weekend ticket for BUCK is over twice as much as for any other con in the world. Not just North America, but Europe, Asia, Australia, the lot. :raritycry:

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