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A college trained writer who is now back to honing his craft after graduating. Tends to write fantasy and science fiction. Also very shy! Who wants a muffin!?

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Chapter 4 Update · 6:34am Jul 28th, 2015

Well, everyone, I did it. I wrote Chapter 4 of Memories of Midnight tonight. Admittedly, it was a very...wild and sad ride for me. Without giving too much away, it is shorter than Chapter 3 (This one came out to just slightly over 5k words with Chapter 3 being 7k words.), but contains my best attempt at action, and your first real glimpse of Squad Six in a combat situation.

For those of you, who I really hope is all of you, who have read Calm's stories you all know what happens during this battle. And it honestly weighed really heavily on me, which is what took me so long to get this chapter written, because as I've written this story I've really grown attached to Midnight and Squad Six, and having to do what i had to do at the end of this Chapter honestly brought me to tears after I finished.

That said, Chapter 5 is already partway written, since halfway through Chapter 4 I got the urge to write a scene from the next chapter, and that was a few pages, so I'll likely have the next, and final chapter for a while, out later this week.

Until then, I promise to have Chapter 4 edited and posted by tomorrow afternoon.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go curl up with one of my dogs and pretend everything is alright :pinkiesad2:

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Comments ( 4 )

...I'm not ready... :raritydespair:

**hugs** :pinkiesad2: Everything'll be okay, Syl... :fluttercry: I'm super stoked to read it.

**gives image of playful Trick Step to keep you cheerful**


I don't think anyone is :raritycry:

Not even me, and I wrote the dang thing :pinkiesad2:



AND OMG ITS TRICKS! *Dies of cute overdose* :pinkiehappy:

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