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I wish I knew exactly how this happened... · 8:38am Jul 10th, 2015

...and, more importantly, how to do it again.

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I'll bet Dr. Wolf's readings helped! :O

Off hand, I'd say find out what happened Jan 12th and July 6th. Those spikes are crazy!

Unfortunately, the top rankings are super chaotic, because that high in the list, a single downvote can have remarkably outsized effects. Because you're getting both high amounts of random traffic (from users browsing the site's "Top Stories") and possibly even tactical downvotes (from unscrupulous authors trying to shift their story in the rankings), it's pretty much inevitable to get knocked way off the list. (It's been four hours and already it's slipped down to 152nd when it got its fourth downvote.)

Records Of An Academy Disaster, currently at +289/-1 and 40th place, is going to do the same thing in the next few weeks: creep up into the top 10 on the basis of its crazy vote ratio, and then instantly plummet to the 100s or worse when that second downvote hits.

Congratulations, though! You've done way better than me. I've only ever barely managed to crack the top 500 -- I can't write the sort of story, or I don't have the sort of audience, that I can post anything without accumulating a handful of redthumbs along the way.



Oh, indubitably. That was the January spike.


January was when this dramatic reading came out. I have yet to figure out the July spike, but it involves someone having posted a tinyurl link somewhere, and I'm not sure where but I'm guessing it was attached to a very positive review (which I'd love to read if I can only find the thing)...


It was actually first once - very briefly - back when Dr. Wolf's dramatic reading came out. Of course, that was back when it didn't have any downvotes at all, and I didn't screenshot it before it got a single downvote that flung it back down the rankings again...

Still, this story seems to bob up nicely, so, you never know, it might actually climb up there again at some point...

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